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Learn How To Use Cream Of Tartar Powder Safely For Baking, Cleaning And Health Benefits 

Food Grade Cream of Tartar Powder is an all natural ingredient used for food production, in baking powder, in cleaning solutions, for medicinal applications and in cosmetic formulations. You can find out where it comes from and how it is made in this article.

Cream of tartar is an additive classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as generally recognized as safe — meaning that it’s shown to be safe if used as intended. Discover why it is used as a potassium supplement and as an organic ant repellent.

You can buy Cream of Tartar in 100 gram (2.2 ounces) packages online, here. It has an acidic but pleasant taste. You can purchase the white, dry powder in bulk sizes online from companies such as Lab Alley

Many people claim that Cream of Tartar is good for treating a poison ivy rash and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Others say they use it for cancer sores and to replenish electrolytes. Cream of Tartar advocates state that it can be used safely for skin, boils and as an antifungal powder for athlete’s foot.

Some adrenal cocktail and electrolyte drink recipes call for one quarter teaspoon of Lab Alley brand food grade cream of tartar

Some adrenal “cocktail” and electrolyte drink recipes call for ¼ tsp of Lab Alley brand food grade cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is used in frosting, tartar sauce, ice cream, cakes and cooking.

Cream of tartar has historically been used as a medicinal purgative and cooking aid. Cream of tartar is used as an additive in the food industry as an anticaking, leavening and antimicrobial agent. It is also used to control pH, as a stabilizer and thickener.

Because it is 20% potassium, Cream of Tartar is used as a dietary potassium supplement and to prevent cramps. Potassium is a mineral used for cramp prevention. This mineral aids communication between muscles and nerves.

It should be used in very small amounts in recipes (1 to 2 teaspoons) because it can cause high levels of potassium in the blood and potassium toxicity.

You can place a line of cream of tartar where ants get into your home or you can make solution by mixing vinegar with Cream Of Tartar to get rid of ants.

Some folks make a paste with Cream of Tartar or baking soda and water and apply it to a poison ivy rash to dry it out.

Where You Can Buy Cream Of Tartar Powder In Bulk Sizes

Learn where you can buy Cream of Tartar Powder USP and FCC Grade online in bulk. You can easily order 1, 2, 5, 27, 50 and 55 pound sizes from specialty online retailers such as Lab Alley.

Some Cream of Tartar suppliers in the United States, like Lab Alley, will quickly ship your order to you the next day via UPS.

What Exactly Is Cream Of Tartar?

Cream of Tartar, also known as potassium bitartrate or potassium hydrogen tartrate, is a white powdery substance that is a natural byproduct of winemaking and is the partially neutralized tartaric acid. The chemical formula is KC4H5O6. It has a slightly sour, acidic flavor but does not usually affect the flavor of foods since it is typically used in small quantities. Cream of Tartar can be used in baking or as a cleaning agent when mixed with an acidic substance, such as lemon juice or white vinegar. 

How Cream of Tartar Is Made

When grapes are fermented during the natural winemaking process, cream of tartar crystallizes out of solution and is left behind as a sediment at the bottom of the container and the walls. Due to its cold water solubility, the potassium acid tartrate forms a sediment. This sediment is then extracted, hot water is used to dissolve the cream of tartar from the sediment, and finally the mixture is filtered and cooled leaving behind pure crystals of potassium acid tartrate.

One of the salts from tartaric acid is cream of tartar. It has many uses and if it is stored in a cool, dry environment, it can last a long time.

Why Cream of Tartar is used for Baking and Cleaning

Why Cream of Tartar is used for Baking and Cleaning

There are many uses for cream of tartar, however, the most common uses include baking and cleaning. 

In baking, cream of tartar keeps the sugar from binding together, thereby preventing sugar crystals formation on baked goods, resulting in a smoother consistency and appearance. A common use for cream of tartar is in meringues and angel food cake. When egg whites are whipped to make meringues, the protein molecules in the eggs unwind and link together forming a rigid 3-dimensional network. Occasionally, the proteins form excessive links to one another resulting in over coagulation that causes lumpy meringues.  Cream of tartar limits the amount of links that proteins can form, thereby yielding a smoother, glossy meringue. 

Cream of tartar also has an application in the cleaning industry. Since it complexes with iron, which causes rust when combined with oxygen, cream of tartar can removes stains from kitchen appliances, fabrics, and other household items.

Where You Can  Buy Cream of Tartar Powder Online

All of the products mentioned here can be purchased through LabAlley.com, locally at a US distribution center near you or by phone 512-668-9918.

The Cream of Tartar USP/NF/FCC/Food Grade available at Lab Alley is appropriate for food, personal care, household, and chemistry uses due to its purity level and certification from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

The Food Chemical Codex (F.C.C) is a standard used to verify the characteristics and purity of food ingredients and was assumed by USP, a nonprofit science based organization with a purpose of setting public standards for safety and quality. Additionally, USP sets the standard for potency and purity of chemicals and deems them suitable as a pharmaceutical grade that is safe to be used in medicines and personal care products.


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