Chloramine T Purified

Chloramine T Purified

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C2846
Model # Description BrandPriceQuantity
C2846-100g Chloramine T Purified, 100g Lab Alley $31.89
C2846-500g Chloramine T Purified, 500g Lab Alley $59.30


Chloramine T Purified Features:

CAS Number 127-30-2
Assay (C7H7SO2NClNa-3H2O) 98.0-103.0%
pH of a 5% Solution @ 25�C 8.0-10.0
Suitability for Determination of Bromide To Pass Test
Clarity of Aqueous Solution To Pass Test
Insoluble in Alcohol 1.5%


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