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Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 500ml
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 4 Liters
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 5 Gallons
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 55 Gallons

Cyclohexane, ACS Grade

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SKU: C3450


4 Liters
4 Liters
5 Gallons
55 Gallons
SKU: C3450-500ml
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 500ml
SKU: C3450-4L
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 4 Liters
SKU: C3450-4LCS
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 4x4 Liters
SKU: C3450-5GAL
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 5 Gallons
SKU: C3450-55GAL
Cyclohexane, ACS Grade, 55 Gallons

Cyclohexane | ACS Reagent Reagent | 99+% | CAS RN 110-82-7 | Formula C6H12 | Solvent For Chemical & Industrial Processes | Paint Remover | For Gas Chromatography (GS) & Halogens | Colorless, Flammable Liquid

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Chemical Properties Of Cyclohexane, ACS Grade: 

  • CAS Number: 110-82-7
  • Molecular Formula: C6H12
  • Formula Weight: 84.16
  • Assay: Min 99.0%
  • Appearance: Clear
  • Color(APHA): 10
  • Residue After Evaporation: 0.002%
  • Substances Darkened by Sulfuric Acid: To Pass Test
  • Water: 0.02%

Cyclohexane Reagent Shipping Information:
DOT: Cyclohexane, 3, UN1145, PG II, Hazmat

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