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Economical Solid Glass Beads

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SKU: 11-312D
Glass Beads Solid 6mm 1lb/pk
SKU: 11-312B
Glass Beads Solid 4mm 1lb/pk
SKU: 11-312C
Glass Beads Solid 5mm 1lb/pk
SKU: 11-312A
Glass Beads Solid 3mm 1lb/pk
  • Chemical resistant glass balls
  • Spherical Soda-lime glass

Sizes: 4 mm
Estimated Pieces per lb.: 5500
Material: Solid Soda Lime #3000 Glass  
Packaging: One Pound Plastic Jars
Specific Gravity: 2.49 g/cm³
Temperature of Transformation: Tg 440 ºC  
Softening Temperature: Tt 505ºC  
Coefficient of Linear Extensions: 20-100º 75.0 x 10-7 20-300º 102.8 x 10-7  
Diameter & Sphericity Variation: Maximum ±10% of the Glass Ball Diameter  

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