Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate, Lab Grade, 500 Grams

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Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate is a mixture of Ammonium, Iron, and Sulfate ions in a 2:1:2 ratios. Ammonium Iron Sulfate, often known as Mohr's salt, is an inorganic compound with the formula (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2(H2O)6. Because it includes two different cations, Fe2+ and NH4+ , it is classified as a double salt of Ferrous Sulfate and Ammonium Sulfate. It's a common laboratory reagent that crystallizes readily and doesn't oxidize upon exposure to air. Because of its long shelf life and resistance to oxidation, this salt is the preferred source of Ferrous ions in analytical chemistry. Chemically pure or Laboratory reagents are two terms used to describe Lab Grade chemicals. Lab Grade chemicals do not meet any accepted quality or purity requirements such as the ACS Grade, the USP Grade, and the FCC Grade, despite their acceptable purity. Our Lab Grade chemicals are exceptionally pure in terms of heavy metal impurities. In the United States of America (USA), Lab Alley sells their high-quality Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate, Lab Grade in a convenient packing of 500 grams.


Ammonium Thiocyanate Crystal, Lab Grade Features:

Melting Point 149°C
Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Catalyst
Commercial/Industrial Application
  • Photography
  • Iron plating baths
Safety and Handling

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate Lab.

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