Hand Sanitizer Kit, Organic

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Our Organic Hand Sanitizer Kit contains everything necessary to formulate an effective sanitizer for hand antisepsis, with organic ethanol used instead of isopropyl alcohol (as used in our regular Hand Sanitizer Kit) for a more environmentally friendly hand sanitizer.

The Organic Hand Sanitizer Kit includes:


  • Grade: Food grade
  • Concentration: 95% (190 proof)
  • Amount: 4 x 1-liter case
  • Organically produced from certified organic sugarcane juice


  • Grade: Food grade (kosher)
  • Concentration: 99%
  • Amount: 1 liter

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Grade: Food grade
  • Concentration: 3%
  • Amount: 1 liter

Why is each ingredient necessary?

Ethanol is required for its strong anti-bacterial properties, making it an effective disinfectant and antiseptic.

Hydrogen Peroxide is bacteriostatic, meaning it inhibits bacterial growth by inactivating bacterial spores. It also has anti-viral properties.

Glycerin is not used for sanitization, but as a humectant, meaning it reduces moisture loss — this helps to prevent irritation and keep the hand sanitizer skin-friendly.

Formulation for hand sanitizer

The ingredients are already provided in the relative proportions required to formulate an effective hand sanitizer — with at least a 60% alcohol content as recommended by the CDC.

You may, however, choose to use different proportions and additional ingredients, depending on the alcohol strength and aromatic properties you require. For instance, you may choose to add essential oils to give the sanitizer a particular fragrance.