Microcentrifuge Tubes


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These Microcentrifuge Tubes are made of high quality polypropylene and are thus able to withstand high speed centrifugation forces of up to 20,000 RCF. They can also endure temperatures as high as 121°C.

The beveled lips of the Microcentrifuge Tubesalso allow for convenient one-handed capping and uncapping of the tubes. A flat writing area is also available on the attached caps for quick labeling of samples.

Microcentrifuge Tubes Features:


  • Beveled lip for convenient one-handed capping and uncapping
  • Can withstand high speed centrifugation of 20,000 RCF
  • DNase & RNase free
  • Flat writing area on attached cap for easy labeling
  • Made of high quality, medical grade polypropylene
  • Stable from -20°C to 121°C
  • Transparent tube walls permit easy viewing of contents

Microcentrifuge Tubes Specifications:


  • Centrifugal Force: 20,000 RCF
  • Material(s): Polypropylene
  • Volume: 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to 121°C

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