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Potassium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic Potash, Lye, Potash Hydrate, and Potash Lye, is a strong base that comes in pellets, flakes, and powder form. The chemical formula for this inorganic substance is KOH. In chemical, industrial, and manufacturing processes, it has a wide range of applications. It is frequently used in the manufacture of a variety of potassium compounds. Potassium Hydroxide Solution, 0.1N is a Laboratory Grade reagent that contains 5.6 gram of Potassium Hydroxide per Liter of deionized water. Because of the single hydrogen atom in its molecule, its Molarity and Normality are the same. In its aqueous solution, it has a concentration of KOH about 0.5%. This specifically produced solvent is mostly used in titrations. Lab Alley sells its high-quality items online in the United States of America. In industrial, commercial, and research lab applications, our Potassium Hydroxide, 0.1N solution is highly recommended.

Common Uses
  • Titration
  • pH adjusting agent
Safety and Handling

Potassium Hydroxide 0.1N Shipping Information:
DOT: Methanol, solution, 3, UN1230, PG II

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Potassium Hydroxide 0.1N.

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