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About Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, Trihydrate, Reagent Grade

Potassium phosphate dibasic trihydrate, often abbreviated as K2HPO4-3H2O, is a chemical compound that contains potassium (K+), hydrogen (H+), phosphate (PO43-) ions, and three water molecules (tri meaning three and hydrate referring to water molecules). This compound is a hydrated form of potassium phosphate dibasic, indicating that it contains water molecules within its crystal structure.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Buffering Agent: Like its anhydrous counterpart, potassium phosphate dibasic trihydrate is commonly used as a buffering agent in various biochemical and molecular biology applications. It helps maintain a stable pH in solutions, particularly in the physiological range.
  • Fertilizer: It can be used as a source of potassium and phosphorus in agricultural applications to promote plant growth and development.
  • Laboratory Reagent: It is used as a reagent in chemical and biochemical experiments and analyses.
  • Biological Applications: In biological research, potassium phosphate dibasic trihydrate may be used in the preparation of cell culture media and as a component of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) solutions for cell and tissue culture.


Chemistry Table


Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, Trihydrate, Reagent Grade Specifications

Assay (K2HPO4-H2O) Min 98.0%
pH of a 0.10M Solution @ 25°C 9.0-9.4
Chloride (Cl) 0.003%
Insoluble Matter 0.01%
Loss on Drying @ 105°C 1.0%
Nitrogen (N) 0.001%
Sulfate (SO4) 0.005%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 5 ppm
Iron (Fe) 0.001%
Sodium (Na) 0.05%

Safety and Shipping Information

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, Trihydrate, Reagent Grade.

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