Self-Sealing Quartz Crucibles

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10-490-4 (EA)
10-490-4 (CS)
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Base Diameter (mm) 14
Capacity (cc) 10
Height (mm) 30
Package Type Each
Top Diameter (mm) 28
Capacity 10mL


  • Unique self-sealing lids form airtight seals around the crucible's ground rim
  • During a volatiles run, the lid automatically rises to expel accumulated gases
  • Lid sinks back to restore the seal and form an oxygen-free atmosphere to prevent sample ashing
  • Produces more reproducible results than conventional methods
  • During moisture and ash determinations, the lid keeps sample moisture-free
  • Eliminate inaccurate weighings caused by moisture uptake
  • Perform proximate analysis to determine moisture, volatiles, ash, and fixed carbon on the same sample

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