Self-Sealing Quartz Crucibles

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10-490-4 (EA)
10-490-4 (CS)
Sale price $149.90
Sale price $599.90
Base Diameter (mm) 14
Capacity (cc) 10
Height (mm) 30
Package Type Each
Top Diameter (mm) 28
Capacity 10mL


  • Unique self-sealing lids form airtight seals around the crucible's ground rim
  • During a volatiles run, the lid automatically rises to expel accumulated gases
  • Lid sinks back to restore the seal and form an oxygen-free atmosphere to prevent sample ashing
  • Produces more reproducible results than conventional methods
  • During moisture and ash determinations, the lid keeps sample moisture-free
  • Eliminate inaccurate weighings caused by moisture uptake
  • Perform proximate analysis to determine moisture, volatiles, ash, and fixed carbon on the same sample

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  • Dear Sir or Madam, My question is that after the heat traitement, are these self sealing creusibles cab ne used again for another experiment? Thank you in advance.

    Yes. It is re-usable after heat treatment.