Precipitated Sulfur Powder 99.5% USP Grade

Formerly C8011

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About Precipitated Sulfur Powder 99.5% USP Grade

Precipitated sulfur powder refers to a form of sulfur that is obtained through a chemical process called precipitation. Sulfur is extracted from raw materials such as natural gas, crude oil, or mined from sulfur deposits. The process involves reacting sulfur dioxide (SO2) with other chemicals, like hydrogen sulfide (H2S), to produce elemental sulfur.

Once obtained, this elemental sulfur is then converted into various forms, including precipitated sulfur powder. This form of sulfur is finely ground and often used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture (as a pesticide or soil amendment), and the production of rubber, plastics, and chemicals.

Precipitated sulfur powder is known for its purity and fine particle size, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where precise control over sulfur content and particle size is required.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Topical medications for treating skin conditions
  • Vulcanization process of rubber
  • Lithium-sulfur batteries
  • Dyeing process of textiles


Chemistry Table

Aquilite, Asulfa-Supra, Atomic sulfur, Bensulfoid, Brimstone, Colloidal sulfur, Colloidal-S
Min 99.5%

Precipitated Sulfur Powder 99.5% USP Grade Specifications

Assay (S; Anhydrous Basis) 99.5-100.5%
Reaction to Litmus Neutral
Water 0.5%
Residue on Ignition 0.3%
Other Forms of Sulfur To Pass Test

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