Tartaric Acid Powder NF/Food Grade (FCC) *

Can Be Used As A Food Ingredient, Drug, And For Medical Purposes

Food Grade

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About Tartaric Acid Powder NF/Food Grade (FCC)

Tartaric Acid Powder NF/Food Grade (FCC) from Lab Alley is a compound that meets all the requirements of the National Formulary (NF) and the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). Thanks to its high level of purity, it can be used as a food ingredient, drug, and for medical purposes, as include special tests for toxicity, ensuring the safety of human consumption.

In the food industry, Tartaric Acid is used as an acidifier and conservative for marmalades, ice cream, jellies, juices, candies, and some acidic soft drinks, as effervescent for carbonated water, as an emulsifier and preservative in the bread-making industry and in the preparation of candies and sweets, and wines.

For pharmaceutical and medical purposes, Tartaric Acid is utilized to make effervescent salts and, when combined with citrate, can improve the taste of oral medication; it is also a common ingredient in the manufacture of oral laxatives.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Acidulant and preservative of food and soft drinks
  • Emulsifier and preservative of bread
  • Effervescence of carbonated waters
  • Leavening agent for desserts
  • Baking powder ingredient
  • Formulation of antibiotics
  • Drugs manufacturing


Chemistry Table

L-tartaric acid, L-(+)-Tartaric acid, L(+)-Tartaric acid, tartaric acid, (R,R)-Tartaric acid, (+)-L-Tartaric acid, L-threaric acid, Dextrotartaric acid
NF/FCC Grade
L(+)-Tartaric acid

Tartaric Acid Powder NF/Food Grade (FCC) Specifications

Assay (C2H6O6; Dried Basis) 99.7-100.5%
Specific Rotation +12.0° to +13.0°
Lose on Drying 0.5%
Residue on Ignition 0.1%
Oxalate (C2O4) To Pass Test
Sulfate (SO4) To Pass Test
Heavy Metals 0.001%
Organic Volatile Impurities To Pass Test

Safety and Shipping Information

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Tartaric Acid NF/FCC. 

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