Xylene 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade

Specifically Synthesized For The Manufacturing Of Electronics


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About Xylene 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade

Any of the three dimethyl benzene isomers, or a mixture of them, is often referred to as Xylol or Xylene. Each of the three compounds contains a core benzene ring with two methyl groups attached at substituents having the formula (CH3)2C6H4. It appears as a colorless liquid with flammable nature at room temperature.

Electronic Grade solvents are specifically synthesized/purified for the manufacturing of electronics. The amounts of heavy metals in these solvents are exceedingly low, estimated in parts per billion or trillion. In semiconductor and microprocessor production, these solvents are often employed as cleaners and etchants. 

Common Uses and Applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Metal etching solvent


  • Electronic Industry

Chemistry Table

1,4-Dimethylbenzene, Para-Xylene, 1,4-Xylene, p-Methyltoluene, p-Dimethylbenzene, p-Xylol, 4-Xylene
Electronic/Cleanroom Grade
Min. 99.0%

Xylene 99.9+% Electronic/Cleanroom Grade Specifications

Xylene, % Weight 99.5 min
Color, APHA 10 max
Acidity, ueq/g 0.3 max
Residue after Evaporation, ppb (umg/g) 5000 max
Moisture, % Weight 0.02 max
Chloride, ppb (umg/g) 3000 max
Phosphate, ppb (umg/g) 1000 max
Sulfur Compounds, ppb (umg/g) 30000 max
IR Spectra ACS Pass
Appearance Clear Liquid
Sub. Dark. BY H2SO4 Pass
Density (at 25°C), g/mL To Report
Particle >1.0 ?m, pcs/mL 10 max
Particle >0.5 ?m, pcs/mL 150 max
Aluminum, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Antimony, ppb (umg/g) 10 max
Arsenic, ppb (umg/g) 10 max
Barium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Boron, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Cadmium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Calcium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Chromium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Cobalt, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Copper, ppb (umg/g) 10 max
Gallium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Gold, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Iron, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Lead, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Lithium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Magnesium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Manganese, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Molybdenum, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Nickel, ppb (umg/g) 10 max
Potassium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Silicon, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Silver, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Sodium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Tin, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Titanium, ppb (umg/g) 20 max
Zinc, ppb (umg/g) 20 max

Safety and Shipping Information

DOT: Xylenes, 3, UN1307, PG III

Currently, this item will only be shipped to commercial addresses. This item will be deleted from orders requesting delivery to residential addresses. 

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