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Cadmium Chloride Crystal, ACS Grade

CAS 7790-78-5 Molecular Formula CdCl2 Formula Weight 183.32 UN Number 2570 Description Cadmium chloride is a white crystalline chemical with the formula CdCl2. This salt is a hygroscopic solid having high water solubility and low alcohol solubility. It appears as a colorless an...

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Cadmium Sulfate, Granular, Reagent Grade

CAS 10124-36-4 Molecular Formula CdSO4 Formula Weight 208.46 UN Number 2570 Description Cadmium Sulfate is a white, crystalline inorganic substance that emits hazardous Cadmium Oxide fumes upon burning. It is used in the manufacturing of Cadmium-based pigments and stabilizers. T...

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Cadmium Nitrate Crystal, Reagent Grade

CAS 10022-68-1 Molecular Formula Cd(NO3)2-4H2O Formula Weight 308.47 UN Number 1477 Description Cadmium Nitrate refers to any of the members of an inorganic chemical family having the generic formula CdN, with the tetra hydrate being the most frequent form. The anhydrous form of ...

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Cadmium Metal Mossy, Reagent Grade

CAS 7440-43-9 Molecular Formula Cd Formula Weight 112.40 UN Number 3288 Description Cadmium is a silvery-white divalent metal that is soft, malleable, and ductile. Cadmium, unlike most other metals, is corrosion resistant and is utilized as a protective layer on other metals. Cad...

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