Perchloric Acid


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Perchloric Acid Properties

Perchloric Acid Charge

Perchloric acid is usually found as an aqueous solution, it is a colorless compound and it is stronger than sulfuric acid. It has a formal charge of zero.

Perchloric Acid Uses

Perchloric acid is mainly produced as a precursor to ammonium perchlorate, which is used in rocket fuel. It is also used for etching liquid crystal displays and critical electronics applications. Perchloric acid has unique properties in analytical chemistry and it is a useful component in etching of chrome.

Perchloric Acid pH

In order to determine the pH of perchloric acid it is necessary to know the molarity. Perchloric acid is a strong acid, so all the acid will dissociate. The concentration of H+ ions would be equal to the molarity of HCIO4. After we know the concentration of H+ ions the pH can be calculated using the formula pH = -log10 [H+]

Perchloric Acid Formula

The molecular formula for perchloric acid is HCIO4

Perchloric Acid Strong or Weak?

Perchloric acid is a strong acid, it completely dissociates into its ions in water, yielding one or more protons per molecule.

Perchloric Acid Molar Mass

Perchloric acid has a molar mass of 100.46 g/mol

Concentrated Perchloric Acid

Perchloric acid is one of the strongest acids known. When concentrated perchloric acid (72%) is heated above 150°C it is a strong oxidizer and reacts violently with organic material.

Equivalent Weight of Perchloric Acid

Perchloric acid has an exact mass of 99.96 g/mol, its monoisotopic mass is 99.96 g/mol, and its molar mass is 100.46 g/mol.

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