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By Alexandra Nelson

MCT Oil for Autism: A Healing Choice


In life, there are bound to be both sunny days as well as rainy days. If you are a parent who has a child with Autism, you know what a “rainy day,” hypothetically speaking, means. Day after day, there is a mix of feelings, guilt, confusion, love, and the desire to improve.

The purpose of this article is to give hope and knowledge, and it will be worth reading until the end. Being aware that there is always a possibility, and those sunny days can be approaching us is encouraging. After every visit to the doctor, much reading, and social media, it is essential to know that a good diet is the key to good health, as simple as it sounds.

Nowadays, Autism is one of the world’s most controversial disorders. 1 in 40 children is likely to develop the condition attributed to a chemical imbalance and abnormalities in the brain structure and function.

It is essential in getting on the road of healing; keep reading!

Individuals with autism are unable to process glucose. Therefore, their brain starves and does not work correctly, affecting the ordinary course of growth and maturity of it. At that moment, the mind struggles, which is when a deficit in developing skills occurs.

Now, two big questions arise in this article. How a ketogenic diet supplemented by MCT oil can significantly improve core autism features. Relevant researchers came up with an explanation.

Ketones are a type of acid made by the liver when there is not enough insulin to turn glucose into energy; then, as a survival strategy, the liver turns fat into ketones which act as fuel for the brain, providing it with the energy that is needed for a normal function. Therefore, we can now understand how Ketones feed the “starved brain.”

This is the reason why How a ketogenic diet supplemented by MCT oil can significantly improve core autism features. Relevant researchers came up with an explanation for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, boosting ketone levels can have a significant effect on repairing the brain and its future development.

The good news is that we can increase the intake of ketones by adding MCT oil to our diet. This is the precise moment when: healing begins, and MCT oil takes the critical place.

MCTs are a special kind of healthy fat found in plant-based oils and milk products, especially coconut oil. Once MCT oil is ingested, it is turned into ketones, which cross the blood-brain barrier to be later utilized as an energy source for the brain.

We can then think of MCT oil as brain fuel. Also, the ketones found in its composition produce proteins that promote the maintenance of the brain and cell functions, repairing and protecting the brain’s damage from being unable to process Glucose, as previously mentioned.

This scientific approach to ketones proves that children that have been administered an adjusted ketogenic diet supplemented by MCT oil notably correct symptoms and enhance a complete recovery in many cases.

MCT oil stops the progression of the autism spectrum disorder and boosts the core autism features after three months on a diet.

does MCT oil stop the progression autism? what helps with kids on the spectrum?

Where does MCT oil come from?

Coconut oil is the primary MCT oil source, produced by a process called Fractionation, where other acids (caprylic, and capric) are withdrawn from the raw material (coconut oil), leading to 60% of MCT oil.

How to include MCT Oil in our diet?

It is important to remember the main reason for including MCT oil in our diet:  Add healthy Fats to be burned and turned into Ketones. It is preferable for first-time consumers to start slowly with half of a teaspoon per day; subsequently, when the body is adjusted, the dose can be increased to up to 3 tablespoons daily. In more detail:

  • In the morning, before consuming any meal, take one teaspoon of MCT oil. Later in the day, it’s recommendable to try one more teaspoon; that way, the body will be in a state of fat-burning for most of the day.
  • After a couple of weeks, take one teaspoon before intermittent fasting. In that manner, the body will have this “healthy fat” to burn into ketones, fueling the brain, which is the primary purpose.
  • Do not forget to include MCT oil in your meals. Substitute regular oils and butter for MCT oil to prepare food; it can also be included in juice, smoothies, salads, and as nutrients to be added to any of your favorite dishes.

There is a rainbow of possibilities and sunny days are around the corner; by virtue of the MCT oil consumption, autism is no longer a life verdict. An approach to a cure is possible.  The intake of this healthy fat transformed into fuel for the brain can result in the complete recovery we pray for daily for our loved ones.

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