Metal plating and protective coating is an important industry that is vital for maximizing the performance and/or appearance of consumer products and industrial parts. Shop for chemicals for sale online here.

Our expert chemists and technicians are here to help you find the right products to meet your production specifications with our ACS, ISO, HPLC certified line of products, we guarantee a consistent product that will always meet NIST standards.

Lab Alley sells organic solventsorganic chemicalsgreen solventsbio-based solvent formulationsorganic compoundsfood grade solventsnatural solvents and bio solvents in bulk in the United States.

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Popular Products in the Plating and Coating category

Buffer pH4 (Coded Pink)
Buffer pH7 (Coded Yellow)
Buffer pH10 (Coded Blue)
Nitric Acid Solution 70%
Methyl Orange Indicator Solution 0.1%
Mannitol Reagent ACS
Ammonium Biflouride
Ammonium Persulfate Crystal, ACS
Ammonium Persulfate 20% Etchant
Ceric Sulfate, 0.1N Solution
EDTA Disodium Salt 0.0575M
Phenolphthalein Indicator Soln 1% in Denatured Ethanol
Potassium Bromide ACS
Potassium Iodide USP
Silver Nitrate 0.153N