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Hydroquinone Powder | 3.5 Ounces | 100 Grams
Hydroquinone Powder | 17.6 Ounces | 500 Grams
Hydroquinone Powder | 88 Ounces | 2500 Grams | 5.5 Pounds

Hydroquinone Powder, NF, 99%

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Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C4400


SKU: C4400-100g
Hydroquinone, 100g
SKU: C4400-500g
Hydroquinone, 500g
SKU: C4400-2.5kg
Hydroquinone, 2.5kg


Hydroquinone Powder | White Granular Solid | Formula C6H6O2 | CAS # 123-31-9

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      Chemical Properties Of Hydroquinone Sold Online At

      • CAS Number: 123-31-9
      • Molecular Formula: C6H6O2
      • Formula Weight: 110.11
      • Assay: Min 98.5%

      Hydroquinone Shipping Information:
      DOT: Hydroquinone, solid, 6.1, UN2662, PG III

      Hydroquinone SDS

      Please contact Lab Alley to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Hydroquinone.