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Ethylene Glycol | 500ml & 4 Liter Bottles | Lab Grade | 99% Purity | Formula C2H6O2 | For Boats, Wood Rot, Surfactants, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Chillers & Coolants | Odorless, Colorless, Sweet-Tasting, Viscous Liquid | CAS # 107-21-1

Brand: Lab Alley
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C3750-500ml Ethylene Glycol Lab, 500ml Lab Alley $19.00
C3750-4L Ethylene Glycol Lab, 4L Lab Alley $74.00
C3750-20L Ethylene Glycol Lab, 20L Lab Alley $295.00
C3750-5-GAL Ethylene Glycol Lab, 5gal Lab Alley $270.00


Product Summary

Buy Lab Grade Ethylene Glycol | 99.9% | Reagent Grade | 500ml $19 | 4 Liter Bottle $74 | 5 Gallon $275 | Formula C2H6O2 | Uninhibited Ethylene Glycol For Sale Online |  For USA Labs And Personal Use | 20 Liter $295 | Fast USA Shipping | CAS # 107-21-1 | Valuable Solvent And Chemical Intermediate For Chemistry Laboratories | Solvent For Botanical Extracts Such As Resveratrol

Lab Grade (L/G) Ethylene Glycol for Sale Online

Lab grade ethylene glycol is not suitable for use in food, drugs, or medicine. Although lab grade ethylene glycol is of relatively high purity. Its exact levels of impurities are unknown. Chemicals that are labeled as “lab grade” usually meet BP or USP standards. Alternate names for laboratory grade are laboratory reagent (LR), UNILAB, Chemically Pure (CP). It is useful to be aware of all terms used for “lab grade”. Lab grade chemicals are often used in educational settings. It is also suitable in labs for general laboratory applications. Many people purchase lab grade chemicals from Lab Alley. You can order 500ml, 4L, 20L, and 5 gallons of lab grade ethylene glycol from Lab Alley. If you would like to see a table outlining the different purity levels and suggested uses of various grades, click here.

Ethylene Glycol Lab Features:

CAS Number 107-21-1
Molecular Formula C2H6O2
Formula Weight 62.07
Assay Ethylene Glycol 99.99%
Diethylene Glycol



0.0010 %

Titratable acid

0.0010 wt %

Color APHA (CoPt)


Initial Boiling Pt.


Dry P. °C


Water 0.0582%
Iron 0.02 ppm


Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Ethylene Glycol Lab.