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Fluoroboric Acid, Lab Grade, 48%

Fluoroboric Acid, Lab Grade, 48%

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C3946
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C3946-1L Fluoboric Acid 48% Lab, 1L Lab Alley $46.00
C3946-1LCS Fluoboric Acid 48% Lab, 4x1L Case Lab Alley $184.00
C3946-4L Fluoboric Acid 48% Lab, 4L Lab Alley $120.00


Fluoroboric Acid 48% | Tetrafluoroboric Acid Solution 48 wt. % In H2O | Lab Grade Fluoboric Acid

Fluoboric Acid 48% Lab Features:

CAS Number 16872-11-0


Product Summary

Buy Fluoroboric Acid 48% | Tetrafluoroboric Acid Solution 48 wt. % In H2O | Fluoroboric Acid Prices: 1 Liter Bottle $46, 4 Liter $120 | Fluoboric Acid | High Purity Lab Grade | For Sale Online In USA | Formula HBF4 | CAS 16872-11-0 | Fast Shipping

Fluoroboric acid or tetrafluoroboric acid (archaically, fluoboric acid) is an inorganic compound that is mainly produced as a precursor to other fluoroborate salts. It is a strong acid. Fluoroboric acid is corrosive and attacks the skin. It is available commercially as a solution in water and other solvents such as diethyl ether. It is a strong acid with a weakly coordinating, non-oxidizing conjugate base. It is structurally similar to perchloric acid, but lacks the hazards associated with oxidants.

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Shipping Information: 4L requires hazmat fee