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Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution)

Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine)
Brand: Lab Alley

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SKU: C4194-15ml
Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution), 15ml
SKU: C4194-100ml
Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution), 100ml
SKU: C4194-250ml
Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution), 250ml
SKU: C4194-500ml
Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution), 500ml
SKU: C4194-1L
Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution), 1 Liter
SKU: C4194-4L
Gram Stain #2 (Gram's Iodine Solution), 4 Liters

Iodine, a naturally occurring element found in sea and rocks/sediments, is available in non- radioactive and radioactive forms. It readily dissolves in Chloroform, Carbon Tetrachloride, orCarbon Disulfide to form purple solutions. Gram's Iodine Solution appears as an amber-colored opaque liquid with a characteristic odor at room temperature. Lab Alley’s Gram's Iodine Solution is a combination of Potassium Iodide and Iodine dissolved in purified Water. It contains iodine in the concentration range of 1-2%. Lab Grade is also known as Laboratory Reagent (LR) and Chemically Pure (CP). Lab-grade chemicals possess reasonable purity but do not comply with any official standards for quality or purity. Lab Alley’s Gram's Iodine Solution is ideal for Gram staining applications to differentiate gram-positive and gram- negative organisms. In the United States of America (USA), Lab Alley is selling its high- quality Gram's Iodine Solution online at laballey.com.

Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Gram staining procedures
Safety and Handling

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Gram's Iodine Solution.

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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