Chemical Testing Service Ion concentration analysis by Ion-Chromatography (IC)

Analytical Technique Used to Separate and Quantify Ions in a Sample.

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Sale price $325.00


Ion Chromatography (IC) is a powerful analytical technique used to separate and quantify ions in a sample. It is based on the principles of chromatography, a method for separating and identifying components in a mixture, but with a focus on ionic species.

In IC, a liquid mobile phase, typically an aqueous solution containing ions of interest, is passed through a chromatographic column packed with a stationary phase. The stationary phase is designed to interact selectively with different ions in the sample. As the mobile phase flows through the column, ions are retained or eluted based on their affinity for the stationary phase, leading to separation of the components.

IC is particularly useful for analyzing complex mixtures containing inorganic and organic ions, such as in environmental samples, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and industrial chemicals. It offers high sensitivity, selectivity, and precision, making it suitable for trace analysis and quantitative determination of ions at low concentrations.

Detection in IC can be achieved using various methods, including conductivity, UV-Vis absorbance, and mass spectrometry, depending on the specific ions and sensitivity requirements of the analysis.

List of Common Anions and Cations Tested

List of cations tested

Ammonium NH4+
Calcium Ca2+
Lithium Li+
Magnesium Mg2+
Potassium K+
Sodium Na+

List of anions tested

Acetate CH3CO2–
Bromide Br–
Chloride Cl–
Fluoride F
Formate HCO2
Nitrate NO3
Nitrite NO2
Oxalate C2O4
Phosphate PO4
Sulfate SO4

List of Standard anions in solvent tested


List of standard anions in water tested


List of standard cations in solvent & water tested


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