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Mercuric Chloride is also known as Mercury(II) chloride, Dichloromercury, Sublimate, and Mercury bichloride. Its 0.2N solution appears as colorless liquid and is soluble in water and highly toxic that is able to volatize slightly at ambient conditions and appreciably at 100 o C. Lab Alley’s Mercuric Chloride 0.2N solution is composed of 2.72 wt.% of pure Mercuric Chloride with 97.28% of purified water. Chemically pure or Laboratory reagents are the two terms often used to describe Lab Grade chemicals. Lab Grade chemicals do not meet any accepted quality or purity requirements such as the ACS Grade, the USP Grade, and the FCC Grade, despite their acceptable purity. In the United States of America (USA), Lab Alley is selling its high-quality Mercuric Chloride, 0.2N solution having lab grade characteristics online at Due to its high purity, this Lab Alley product is highly recommended for labs and commercial applications.

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Inactivation Of Influenza Virus By Mild Antiseptics 

A number of antiseptics were tested for their inactivating effect upon the virus of influenza during a brief period of exposure. This was accomplished by preparing mixtures of the antiseptics and virus, allowing them to remain in contact for 3 minutes, diluting the mixtures to the point where they would not be toxic for chick embryos and then injecting the material into embryonated eggs. Survival of the embryos indicated inactivation of the virus. The following preparations were found to inactivate the virus in 3 minutes or less: phenol, 3%; tincture of iodine, U.S.P. XII, 0.1%; Lugol's solution, U.S.P. XII, 1%; mercuric chloride, 1:1000; potassium permanganate, 1:1000; copper sulfate, 1%; propylene glycol, 90%; liquor antisepticus, N.F. VII, 80%. Read more here.

Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Disinfectant
  • Fungicide
  • Perfume and toiletry industry
Safety and Handling

Mercuric Chloride 0.2N Solution Shipping Information:
DOT: mercuric chloride, 6.1, UN1624, PG II, marine pollutant

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Mercuric Chloride 0.2N Solution.

Important: This product will only be shipped to Schools, Universities, Laboratories, or Companies. If you are an individual ordering this product, it will not be shipped to you. It will be deleted from your order and the rest of the order will be shipped without your confirmation.

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You can buy Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL for $102 online, locally or call 512-668-9918 to order bulk sizes. Your packages will be shipped in 1-2 business days via UPS or LTL. Lab Alley Brand Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL is for sale in bulk sizes and is in stock. Handy individual consumer size containers for DIY projects are leak resistant. This high quality compound is made in America. It is a high purity chemical substance that is ideally suited for scientific, development, analytical, clinical, medical, research and testing applications. Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL is delivered quickly to laboratories, factories and businesses in safe chemical resistant containers. 

Manufacturing size drums, IBC totes, pallet loads and bulk industrial production scale quantities are shipped from Lab Alley's U.S.-based distribution centers by LTL freight carriers. Request a discounted wholesale price quote, here. Read customer and product reviews, here. Read return and refund policies, here. Lab Alley, founded in 2013, is a reliable Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL supplier and distributor headquartered near Austin, Texas. Lab Alley was a 2021 Inc. 5000 honoree. Email if you have questions about buying Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL. 

Download the Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL MSDS/SDS to get safety tips and health hazard information. Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL should be carefully handled, stored in a cool dry place and chemical waste should be disposed of properly and safely.

Mercuric Chloride 0.2N, 500mL Retail Prices, Package Sizes And Bulk Quantity Ordering Options: 500ml $102.

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