Mercuric Chloride Purified | Bichloride

Mercuric Chloride Purified | Bichloride

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C5210-25g Mercuric Chloride Purified (Bichloride), 25g Lab Alley $81.00
C5210-100g Mercuric Chloride Purified (Bichloride), 100g Lab Alley $192.00
C5210-500g Mercuric Chloride Purified (Bichloride), 500g Lab Alley $671.00


Mercuric Chloride Purified (Bichloride) Features:

CAS Number 7487-94-7
Molecular Formula HgCl2
Formula Weight 271.50

Mercuric Chloride Purified (Bichloride) Shipping Information:
DOT: mercuric chloride, 6.1, UN1624, PG II, marine pollutant

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Mercuric Chloride Purified (Bichloride).

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Inactivation Of Influenza Virus By Mild Antiseptics 

A number of antiseptics were tested for their inactivating effect upon the virus of influenza during a brief period of exposure. This was accomplished by preparing mixtures of the antiseptics and virus, allowing them to remain in contact for 3 minutes, diluting the mixtures to the point where they would not be toxic for chick embryos and then injecting the material into embryonated eggs. Survival of the embryos indicated inactivation of the virus. The following preparations were found to inactivate the virus in 3 minutes or less: phenol, 3 per cent; tincture of iodine, U.S.P. XII, 0.1 per cent; Lugol's solution, U.S.P. XII, 1 per cent; mercuric chloride, 1:1000; potassium permanganate, 1:1000; copper sulfate, 1 per cent; propylene glycol, 90 per cent; liquor antisepticus, N.F. VII, 80 per cent. Read more here.