n-Propanol 99%

Solvent, Fuel Additive, Degreasing Agent, And Antifreeze Component


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About n-Propanol

n-Propanol is a clear, colorless liquid at room temperature with an odor like that of rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol). It is miscible with water and is highly flammable. n-Propanol is used as a general solvent, fuel additive, degreasing agent, and component in antifreeze. It is naturally formed in small amounts during fermentation processes. It is found as an ingredient in many personal care products where it acts as a solvent and disinfectant. Lab Alley n-Propanol 99% has a high purity. Chemicals offered at such purity levels are suitable for use in analytical labs requiring repetitive, consistent, and reliable results.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Industrial and domestic cleaner
  • DNA Extraction
  • General solvent
  • Chemical manufacture as a reagent


Chemistry Table

1-propanol, Propanol, Propan-1-ol, Propyl alcohol, n-propanol, n-Propyl alcohol, Ethylcarbinol, 1-hydroxypropane, Optal, Propylic alcohol, Propanol-1, 1-Propyl alcohol
Laboratory Grade
Min. 99%

n-Propanol Specifications

Assay Min. 99%
Water 0.1%
Color (APHA) 15
Density 803 kg/m³
Boiling point 206.6°F (97°C)
Melting point -194.8°F (-126°C)

Safety and Shipping Information

n-Propyl Alcohol Shipping Information:
DOT: n-Propyl Alcohol, 3, UN1276, PG II

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