Nitric Acid 3% in Methanol

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67-56-1, 7697-37-2, 7732-18-5

Solution of Nitric Acid in Methanol is known as Nital. This specially prepared solution possesses 3% contents of Nitric Acid with 97% contents of Methanol. This solution is frequently used for metal etching. In particular, it is ideal for exposing the microstructure of carbon steels and other metals. Normally, the mixing of Nitric Acid with organic compounds leads to an explosive mixture. However, such a phenomenon is not observed in the case of Methanol. In the United States of America, Lab Alley is selling its premium quality Nitric Acid, 3% in Methanol solution, which is a certified Lab Grade chemical. Lab Alley highly recommends using its Nitric Acid, 3% in Methanol solution in industrial and commercial applications.


Nitric Acid, 3% in Methanol Features:

Assay Methyl Alcohol 94.43%
Assay Nitric Acid 3.90%
Assay Water 1.67%
Commercial/industrial applications
  • Etching of metals
  • Steel manufacturing
Safety and Handling

Nitric Acid 3% in Methanol Shipping Information:
DOT: Flammable liquid, corrosive, n.o.s. (methanol, nitric acid), UN2924, 3, PG II, flammable, Corrosive

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Specifications and SDS

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