Phosphoric Acid 85% Semiconductor/Electronic Grade

Suitable For Cleaning And Etching In Electronic Applications

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About Phosphoric Acid 85% Semiconductor/Electronic Grade

Phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid, is a weak triprotic acid. At 85%, it is a colorless and odorless viscous liquid. Semiconductor grade indicates that the solvent is of sufficient purity for the semiconductor manufacturing and electronic industries, having only trace levels of impurities.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Etching of semiconductors
  • Sanitizing agent for silicon wafers
  • Rust converter
  • Anti-rust agent
  • Cleaning agent


  • Electronic industry

Chemistry Table


About Phosphoric Acid 85% Semiconductor Grade Specifications

Assay (H3PO4), % 85.00 – 87.00
Insoluble Matter, ppb Max 20,000
Color, APHA Max 7
Volatile Acids, ueq/g Max 0.160
Heavy Metals, ppb Max 5,000
Chloride (Cl), ppb Max 600
Nitrate (NO3), ppb Max 1200
Sulfate (SO4), ppm Max 7000
Aluminum (Al), ppb Max 100
Arsenic and Antimony (as As), ppb Max 50
Barium (Ba), ppb Max 1000
Calcium (Ca), ppb Max 50
Chromium (Cr), ppb Max 50
Cobalt (Co), ppb Max 50
Copper (Cu), ppb Max 50
Iron (Fe), ppb Max 50
Lead (Pb), ppb Max 50
Lithium (Li), ppb Max 50
Magnesium (Mg), ppb Max 50
Manganese (Mn), ppb Max 50
Nickel (Ni), ppb Max 50
Potassium (K), ppb Max 60
Sodium (Na), ppb Max 60
Strontium (Sr), ppb Max 20
Titanium (Ti), ppb Max 100
Zinc (Zn), ppb Max 100
Particle Count, 0.5 um, ct/ml Max 50
Particle Count, 1.0 um, ct/ml Max 10

Safety and Shipping Information

DOT: Phosphoric Acid, 8, UN1805, PG III

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