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Potassium Bromate ACS Grade

Potassium Bromate, ACS Grade
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Potassium Bromate, also known as Bromic Acid Potassium Salt, has the chemical formula KBrO3 or BrKO3. It appears as odorless, tasteless white crystals or crystalline powder and is sparingly soluble in Water at ambient conditions. In the lab, it can be produced by passing bromine into a solution of potassium hydroxide. Commercially, it is produced by using an electrolytic process. An ACS Grade reagent is a chemical that meets the purity requirements of the American Chemical Society (ACS). It is generally equivalent to the Analytical Reagent Grade. For dependable, consistent, and repeatable findings, ACS Grade reagents can be utilized in high-quality research labs. In the United States of America (USA), Lab Alley sells its high-quality Potassium Bromate, ACS Grade or Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate, ACS Grade online at laballey.com.


Potassium Bromate ACS Features:

Assay (KBrO3;Dried Basis) Min. 99.8%
pH of a 5% Solution at 25°C 5.0-9.0
Insoluble Matter 0.005%
Bromide (Br) To Pass Test (limit about 0.05%)
Sulfate (SO4) 0.005%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 5 ppm
Iron (Fe) 0.002%
Sodium (Na) 0.01%
Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Oxidizing agent
  • Maturing agent for flour
Commercial/Industrial Application
  • Food additive
  • Explosives
  • Industrial cleaning agent
Safety and Handling

Potassium Bromate ACS Shipping Information:
DOT: Potassium bromate, 5.1, UN1484, PG II

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Potassium Bromate ACS.

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