Rotator Workstation Racks, PP


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This pack of 4 polypropylene racks includes one each of blue, green, yellow and red. Racks are rotatable to hold tubes and vials of various sizes, and can be locked together with a unique design.

Each rack can hold:
* 2 centrifuge tubes with 50ml capacity; or
* 8 centrifuge tubes with 15ml capacity; or
* 9 microcentrifuge tubes with 1.5–2.0ml capacity; or
* 6 microcentrifuge tubes with 0.5ml capacity; or
* 6 PCR 8-tube strips; or
* 48 PCR tubes with 0.2ml capacity

For every two units joined together, racks can hold:
* 1 PCR plate with 96 wells (unskirted or semi-skirted); or
* 8 PCR strips with 12 tubes

Racks feature built-in ridges for easy drainage. Each unit measures 108mm long x 68mm wide x 108mm tall. Built to withstand temperatures from -80° to 121°C. Autoclavable.

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