Transfer Pipette, Dropper 3.0mL


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LA-13703 (BX)
LA-13703 (CS)
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Transfer Pipette, 3.0mL, Small Bulb, Graduated to 1mL, 140mm, Bulb Draw - 2.2mL
Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Packaging: Non-sterile transfer pipettes are packaged in a unique dispenser box. This convenient box is small and compact and ideal for bench-top use. The hinged front panel opens for quick access to the pipettes and can be closed when not in use to keep the contents clean. Each dispenser box contains 500 pipettes.
Capacity: 3mL
Drops/mL: 25
Bulb Draw: 2.2mL
Total Length: 140mm (5.5")
Stem Diameter: 4.4mm (0.17")
Tip Diameter: 2.4mm (0.09")
Graduated up to: 1 mL
Graduation Intervals: 0.25 mL

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