Trichloroacetic Acid 85% Solution

Solution Used As Peeling Agent For Skin Treatments

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About Trichloroacetic Acid 85% Solution

Trichloroacetic Acid, also known as TCA, is a monocarboxylic acid. Structurally, it is acetic acid in which all three hydrogens on the methyl group have been substituted with chlorine atoms. It is a water-soluble, colorless, crystalline solid.

Trichloroacetic Acid is used in the cosmetic industry as a chemical peel and wart remover. It is also used in biochemistry to help the precipitation of macromolecules,

Higher strengths of Trichloroacetic Acid are often used for dilution. Superficial TCA peels are up to 20 percent strength and can be performed every few months. Peels at 50 percent strength should be performed only in a doctor's office and are often done under general anesthesia. 

Common Uses and Applications

  • Peeling agent to remove wrinkles
  • Tattoo removal
  • Laboratory reagent in organic synthesis
  • Precipitation of biochemical macromolecules
  • Wart removal


Chemistry Table

Trichloroethanoic acid, TCA, Aceto-caustin, Trichloracetic acid, Trichloroacetate anion
Lab Grade
Trichloroacetic acid

Safety and Shipping Information

DOT: Trichloroacetic acid, solution, 8, UN2564, PG II

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