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Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate, also known as Zinc Vitriol, White Vitriol, and Zinc(2+) Sulfate Heptahydrate, is the hydrate of Zinc Sulfate having the chemical formula ZnSO4-7H2O or H14O11SZn. It appears as white hygroscopic crystalline powder or granules with no odor. It is soluble in Water and Glycerol at ambient conditions. Upon thermal decomposition, it produces toxic fumes of Sulfur Oxides. Chemically pure or Laboratory reagents are the two terms often used to describe Lab Grade chemicals. Lab Grade chemicals do not meet any accepted quality or purity requirements such as the ACS Grade, the USP Grade, and the FCC Grade, despite their acceptable purity. In the United States of America (USA), Lab Alley is selling its high-quality Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate, Lab Grade online at laballey.com. Due to its high purity, this Lab Alley product is highly recommended for labs and commercial applications.


Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate | Bulk 2.5kg, 12kg & 25kg Packages | White Powder/Particles | Lab Grade | Formula ZnSO4. 7H2O | CAS # 1446-20-0 | For Footrot, Fertilizer, Bioreagent Suitable For Cell Culture, Animal Feed, Commercial Use, Coagulant For Making Rayon, Electrolyte For Zinc Electroplating, Mordant In Dyeing, Peservative For Skins & Leather

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Chemical Properties Of Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate Sold Online At LabAlley.com

Information About Zinc Sulfate From Wikipedia

Zinc sulfate is an inorganic compound and dietary supplement. As a supplement it is used to treat zinc deficiency and to prevent the condition in those at high risk. Side effects of excess supplementation may include abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, and tiredness.

It has the formula ZnSO4 as well as any of three hydrates. It was historically known as "white vitriol". All of the various forms are colourless solids. The heptahydrate form is commonly encountered.

In medicine it is used together with oral rehydration therapy (ORT) and an astringent.

The hydrates, especially the heptahydrate, are the primary forms used commercially. The main application is as a coagulant in the production of rayon. It is also a precursor to the pigment lithopone. It is also used as an electrolyte for zinc electroplating, as a mordant in dyeing, and as a preservative for skins and leather.

Zinc sulfate is used to supply zinc in animal feeds, fertilizers, toothpaste, and agricultural sprays. Zinc sulfate, like many zinc compounds, can be used to control moss growth on roofs.

Zinc sulfate can be used to supplement zinc in the brewing process. Zinc is a necessary nutrient for optimal yeast health and performance, although it is not a necessary supplement for low-gravity beers, as the grains commonly used in brewing already provide adequate zinc. It is a more common practice when pushing yeast to their limit by increasing alcohol content beyond their comfort zone. Before modern stainless steel, brew Kettles, fermenting vessels and after wood, zinc was slowly leached by the use of copper kettles. A modern copper immersion chiller is speculated to provide trace elements of zinc; thus care must be taken when adding supplemental zinc so as not to cause excess. Side effects include "...increased acetaldehyde and fusel alcohol production due to high yeast growth when zinc concentrations exceed 5 ppm. Excess zinc can also cause soapy or goaty flavors.

Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Chemical analysis
Commercial/Industrial Applications
  • Plating agents
  • Surface treating agent
  • Processing of leather & textiles
  • Calico printing
  • Wood preservation
Safety and Handling

Zinc sulfate powder is an eye irritant. Ingestion of trace amounts is considered safe, and zinc sulfate is added to animal feed as a source of essential zinc, at rates of up to several hundred milligrams per kilogram of feed. Excess ingestion results in acute stomach distress, with nausea and vomiting appearing at 2–8 mg/Kg of body weight.

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