Ethyl Acetate ACS/USP/NF Grade, 1 Gallon

Ethyl Acetate | 1 Gallon $80 | ACS/USP Grade

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SKU: C3690-1GAL
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C3690-1GAL Ethyl Acetate, ACS/USP/NF Grade, 1 Gallon Lab Alley $80.00


Ethyl Acetate, ACS/USP/NF Grade 1 Gallon Features:

CAS Number 141-78-6
Molecular Formula C4H8O2
Formula Weight 88.11
Assay Min. 99.5%
Color (APHA) 10
Residue after Evaporation 0.003%
Water 0.2%
Titrable Acid 0.0009 meq/g
Substances Darkened by Sulfuric Acid To Pass Test

Ethyl Acetate Ether Acetic ACS Shipping Information:
DOT: Ethyl acetate, 3, UN1173, PG II

Ethyl Acetate is an industrial solvent used by manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and homes for manufacturing processes and operations, science experiments, column chromatography, and extraction. Many insect collecting enthusiasts also use ethyl acetate for taxonomic preservation.

ACS grade Ethyl Acetate guarantees a 99.5% pure assay. Call Lab Alley for different purity options.

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Ethyl Acetate Ether Acetic ACS. Fast USA Shipping