Eugenol Purified

Eugenol Purified

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C3755
Model # BrandPriceQuantity
C3755-100ml Lab Alley $32.12
C3755-25ml Lab Alley $16.24


Eugenol Purified Features:

CAS Number 97-53-0
Molecular Formula C10H12O2
Formula Weight 164.20
Solubility in 70% Alcohol To Pass Test
Specific Gravity @ 25�C 1.064-1.070
Distilling Range (Min. 95%) 250-255�C
Refractive Index @ 20�C 1.540-1542
Heavy Metals 0.004%
Hydrocabons To Pass Test
Phenol To Pass Test

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