Iodoform, BP/DAB/USP/NF Grade


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About Iodoform, BP/DAB/USP/NF Grade

Iodoform is a chemical compound with the molecular formula CHI3. It is a yellow, crystalline solid with a distinct odor and is often used as a disinfectant and antiseptic. Iodoform has several applications in the field of medicine and chemistry:

Common Uses and Applications

  • Antiseptic: Iodoform has antiseptic properties and was historically used to treat wounds and skin infections. It has been largely replaced by other antiseptics and antibiotics in modern medicine.
  • Organic Chemistry: Iodoform is used in organic chemistry as a reagent in certain reactions. One of its well-known reactions is the iodoform test, which is used to detect the presence of compounds containing the CH3CO- group (acetate group) in organic molecules.
  • Sterilization: Iodoform can be used to sterilize and disinfect laboratory equipment and surfaces.
  • Dental Applications: Iodoform pastes and dressings are used in dental procedures, particularly in root canal therapy, to help disinfect and fill the root canal.

Chemistry Table

CAS Number 75-47-8
Molecular Formula CHI3
Formula Weight 393.85

Ethanol 200 Proof 100% Undenatured Alcohol USP/FCC Grade Specifications

Assay 99.0-100.5%
Loss on Drying 0.5%
Residue on Ignition 0.1%
Chloride 0.011%
Sulfate 0.017%

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