Palmitic Acid Lab Grade *

Also Known As Hexadecanoic Acid, Cetylic Acid, And Palmitate


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About Palmitic Acid Lab Grade

Palmitic Acid Lab Grade from Lab Alley has a high quality and contains 95% of purity; therefore, its levels of impurities are not excessive. It is excellent for teaching and training, and since it has a good chemical purity, it is generally used for educational applications, such as teaching laboratories at both the secondary school and college levels. Palmitic Acid from Lab Alley is produced by the hydrolysis and fractionation of palm oil, tallow oil, coconut oil, Japan wax, Chinese vegetable tallow, and spermaceti by the processes of fractionation distillation or crystallization. Palmitic Acid can also be obtained in the manufacturing process of Stearic Acid.

This chemical is for professional manufacturing, research laboratories, and industrial usage only.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Laboratory agent
  • Solvent for chemical reactions
  • Research reagent


  • Chemical Industry For Laboratory Purposes
  • Educational Institutions

Chemistry Table

Hexadecanoic acid, Cetylic acid, Palmitate, n-Hexadecanoic acid, Hexadecylic acid, Hydrofol, Palmitinic acid
Laboratory Grade
>95 %
Palmitic Acid

Safety and Shipping Information

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Palmitic Acid.

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