Peracetic Acid 5% Solution

Versatile Anti-Microbial Disinfectant


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Peroxyacetic acid, Ethaneperoxoic acid, Estosteril, Acetic peroxide, Peroxoacetic acid, Monoperacetic acid, Acetyl hydroperoxide, Ethaneperoxic acid
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Peracetic acid


Peracetic acid 5% is a versatile anti-microbial sanitizer used to keep any surface free from contamination. The anti-microbial disinfectant is powerful enough to kill most known bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It is also widely used in dairies, breweries, beverage and food processing to prevent infections, thanks to its insignificant toxic effects.

What is Peracetic Acid 5%

Peracetic acid is created by mixing acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide in a watery solution. The colorless liquid comes in various commercial formulations, and peracetic acid 5% is one the most used. It has been used in cleaning fungi off fruits and vegetables since the 1950s. The US Environmental Protection Agency included it in the list of antimicrobials for indoor use in 1985.

Application of Peracetic Acid 5%

  • Medical Sterilization: Peracetic acid 5% is widely used to sterilize medical, surgical, and dental equipment. The disinfectant has been the top choice for medical equipment sterilization after an automated sterilizing machine was introduced in 1988.

  • Chemical Decontamination: Eco-friendly yet reliable to kill microbiomes, peracetic acid 5% is one of the most popular general-purpose hard surface disinfectants. 

  • Dairy and Food Processing: Food processing equipment can be washed with peracetic acid 5%, which is proven for its efficacy as a no-rinse sanitizer. It clears bacteria and slim deposits in water treatment plants, pulp factories, and food-grade liquid processing centers.

  • Others: Decontamination processes at breweries, hatcheries, animal shelters, and veterinary hospitals use peracetic acid 5% to eliminate any chance of infection. With increasing coronavirus cases, the acid is used to disinfect surfaces in multiple areas to keep the risk of infection at bay.

Why Peracetic Acid 5% Disinfectant

  • Environment friendly
  • Highly effective disinfectant
  • Non-combustible
  • Faster decontamination
  • Negligible toxicity
  • Kills all bacteria and viruses.
Common Uses
  • Preservative
  • Biocide
  • Oxidizing agent
  • Disinfectant
Commercial and Industrial Applications of Peracetic Acid Solution 5%
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Industrial water circuits
  • Medical sterilization
  • Water purification
Safety and Handling: 

Peracetic acid containers must be stored in an upright position. The storage area should be well ventilated and shaded from sunlight, as well as protected from sources of radiant heat. Contamination of the product, especially by metals and alkali, must be avoided. 

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