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Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous, Lab Grade

Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous, Lab Grade
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SKU: C7300-500g
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Lab, 500g
SKU: C7300-2.5kg
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Lab, 2.5kg
SKU: C7300-12kg
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Lab, 12kg
SKU: C7300-25kg
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Lab, 25kg
SKU: C7300-50kg
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Lab, 50kg

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Sodium Carbonate is also known as Disodium Carbonate, Soda Ash, Bisodium Carbonate, Washing Soda, Calcined Soda, and Solvay Soda. Its anhydrous form appears as colorless-to-white hygroscopic crystals, granules, or powder with no odor and taste. It is freely soluble in Water and insoluble in Alcohol at ambient conditions. When dissolved in water, it produces Carbonic Acid and Sodium Hydroxide. It is the Disodium Salt of Carbonic Acid and possesses alkalinizing properties. On a commercial scale, it is produced via the Solvay process by processing Limestone, Ammonia, and Brine. Lab grade chemicals possess reasonable purity but do not comply with any official standard for quality or purity like the ACS Grade, the USP Grade, or the FCC Grade. The Lab Grade is also known as Laboratory Reagent (LR) and Chemically Pure (CP). Lab Alley’s Sodium Carbonate, Lab Grade is available for sale online at laballey.com. It is highly recommended for educational institutes and research labs.

Common Uses
  • Chemical/biological reagent
  • Buffer solution
  • Chemical precursor
  • Disinfectant
Commercial/Industrial Application
  • Processing wood pulp
  • Production of glass
  • Synthesis of dyes
  • Pesticides
Safety and Handling


Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Lab.

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