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Buy safe lab, science and research chemicals at Lab Alley LLC is a woman-owned business located in Austin, Texas that was founded in 2013. Schools, private individuals, government facilities, commercial enterprises, homeowners and farmers buy chemicals and science supplies online at 

Buy bulk antiviral chemical compounds, antiviral drug components, antiviral substances, antiviral cleaning products and antiviral medication ingredients online at  Lab Alley sells solvents in bulk such as food grade ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, heptane, methanol, acetone and hexane. The firm also sells common acids in an aqueous solution or powder form such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, boric acid, acetic acid and citric acid. Food grade hydrogen peroxide solutions are sold online at

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Shop online for high purity ACS Grade, HPLC Grade, Laboratory Grade, USP Grade, Technical Grade and Food Grade (FCC) chemicals. Order analytical reagents, alcohols, organic reagents, inorganic reagents, solvents, acids, buffers, bases, salts, surfacants and detergents at The Lab Alley online store sells kid safe chemicals, organic substances, natural compounds and food grade ingredients that are used for household cleaning, extracting bioactive compounds from plants, food production, medicine, agriculture, personal care products, medicinal oils, cosmetics, pools, lawn care and pest control. Call 512-668-9918 for wholesale chemical and bulk solvent prices or email Shop online for chemicals and science lab supplies at