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Common CAS Numbers

Chemical Formulas

A chemical formula is a way of presenting information about the chemical proportions of atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound or molecule, using chemical element symbols, numbers, and sometimes also other symbols, such as parentheses, dashes, brackets, commas and plus (+) and minus (−) signs. For example, the chemical formula for Nitric Acid is HNO3. A CAS Registry Number, also referred to as CASRN or CAS Number, is a unique numerical identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to every chemical substance described in the open scientific literature (currently including all substances described from 1957 through the present, plus some substances from the early or mid 1900s), including organic and inorganic compounds, minerals, isotopes, alloys and nonstructurable materials (UVCBs, substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products, or biological origin).

The registry maintained by CAS is an authoritative collection of disclosed chemical substance information. It currently identifies more than 144 million unique organic and inorganic substances and 67 million protein and DNA sequences, plus additional information about each substance. It is updated with around 15,000 additional new substances daily.

Where Can I Find A CAS Number?

The CAS Registry Number is the universally recognized unique identifier of chemical substances and is often found on packaging and on articles of commerce. To find a CAS Number, click here.

Common Chemistry™ from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a web resource that contains CAS Registry Numbers for approximately 7,900 chemicals of widespread general public interest. Common Chemistry is helpful to non-chemists who know either a name or CAS Registry Number® of a common chemical and want to pair both pieces of information. The CAS Registry Number is the universally recognized unique identifier of chemical substances and is often found on packaging and on articles of commerce. While not a comprehensive CAS Registry Number lookup service, Common Chemistry does provide a way to quickly and easily find names or CAS Registry Numbers for chemicals of general interest.  CAS has collaborated with Wikipedia in developing this resource and encourages you to use the Wikipedia link (when available) or other sources of general information on chemistry, to learn more about these chemicals.

Do Mixtures Have A CAS Number?

Although a single CAS RN (Registry Number) is not normally assigned to an intentional mixture, CAS RNs are provided for the individual components of the mixture. CAS will assign a single CAS RN to a substance regardless of varying physical forms, except for naturally occurring minerals. For example, water, ice, and water vapor are all represented by CAS RN 7732-18-5. CAS will register specific alloys, ions, isotopes, and elementary particles.

CAS REGISTRY | The Gold Standard For Chemical Substance Information

CAS REGISTRY contains more than 157 million unique organic and inorganic chemical substances, such as alloys, coordination compounds, minerals, mixtures, polymers and salts, and more than 68 million sequences - more than any other database of its kind.

When you need to positively identify a chemical substance, you can rely on the authoritative source for chemical names and structures of CAS REGISTRY. You can also identify your substance of interest by its CAS Registry Number®, which is universally used to provide a unique, unmistakable identifier for chemical substances. If your organization uses CAS Registry Numbers to help others locate accurate chemical information, please refer to the CAS RN Verified Partner Program information to ensure appropriate licensing and use.

You can also use CAS REGISTRY to locate the following:

  • literature references to the substance
  • experimental and predicted property data (boiling and melting points, etc.)
  • CA Index Names and synonyms
  • commercial availability
  • preparative methods
  • spectra
  • regulatory information from international sources

You can obtain the information you need for millions of substances from the most current and reliable collection of chemical substance information in the world, CAS REGISTRY.

PubChem CAS Number Search

Quickly find chemical information from authoritative sources at PubChem. See chemical elements arranged in the modern periodic table here. Search chemicals by structure, molecular formula, name and other identifiers here. Get information on chemical safety and toxicity, chemical and physical properties and biological activities here. Browse PubChem data using a classification of interest here. Easily access a chemical substance database, a chemical compound database and a bioassay database here. Learn more about the PubChem substance and compound databases here.

Other CAS Number Lookup Resources

Get access to a free chemical structure database that provides fast access to over 34 million structures, properties and associated information here. Search chemicals by names, chemical structure, systematic names, synonyms, trade names and database identifiers here. Access other comprehensive chemical databases and chemical resources such as ZINC FDA food additives, U.S. National Library Of Medicine National Institutes Of Health resources and a unique bioinformatics and cheminformatics database here. Search chemicals by name, synonym, molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, InChI, InChI Key and/or SMILES here

Browse a list of free Chemical Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) online that are available in printable PDF format here. Learn more about chemicals substances here. Learn what is a chemical and what is not a chemical here. Learn how many chemicals are in use today here. Learn why "chemical" is not really such as bad word after all, here. Discover the top ten chemicals of major public health concern here. Learn about Responsible Care, the chemical industry's world-class environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance initiative, here. Get technical information about ACS Reagent Chemicals here. Learn about toxic chemicals here. Learn about chemicals in today's society here. Call 512-746-8862 to talk with a U.S. Chemical Safety Specialist or request more chemical information here.

Information On Chemical Substances From Wikipedia

A chemical substance is a form of matter having constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. Chemical substances can be simple substances, chemical compounds, or alloys. Chemical substances are often called 'pure' to set them apart from mixtures. A common example of a chemical substance is pure water; it has the same properties and the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen whether it is isolated from a river or made in a laboratory. Other chemical substances commonly encountered in pure form are diamond (carbon), gold, table salt (sodium chloride) and refined sugar (sucrose). However, in practice, no substance is entirely pure, and chemical purity is specified according to the intended use of the chemical. Chemical substances exist as solids, liquids, gases, or plasma, and may change between these phases of matter with changes in temperature or pressure. Chemical substances may be combined or converted to others by means of chemical reactions. Forms of energy, such as light and heat, are not matter, and are thus not "substances" in this regard.

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Antimicrobial Products That Are Effective Against Norovirus (Norwalk-Like Virus)
April 8, 2020

For pesticide registration information, review this list from the EPA, "List G: EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Norovirus (Norwalk-Like Virus)". 

Notes About This List

  • All EPA-registered pesticides must have an EPA registration number, which consists of a company number and a product number (e.g., 123-45). Alternative brand names have the same EPA registration number as the primary product.
  • When purchasing a product for use against a specific pathogen, check the EPA Reg. No. versus the products included on this list.
  • In addition to primary products, distributors may also sell products with formulations and efficacy identical to the primary products. Distributor products frequently use different brand names, but you can identify them by their three-part EPA registration number (e.g., 123-45-678, which represents a distributor product identical to the product example listed above, EPA Reg. No. 123-45).
  • If you would like to review the product label information for any of these products, please visit the EPA product label system.
  • Information about listed products is current as of the date on this list.
  • Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by EPA.

View more information about EPA lists of registered antimicrobial products here. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more. 

  • Download List G: EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Norovirus (PDF)(6 pp, 130 K, March 4, 2020)
  • Contact the EPA about pesticide labels, to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. 

About The EPA Pesticide Product and Label System

The Pesticide Product and Label System (PPLS) provides a collection of pesticide product labels (Adobe PDF format) that have been accepted by EPA under Section 3 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). New labels were added to PPLS on April 08, 2020.

  • Search EPA Registration, Distributor Product, or Special Local Need Number Here
  • The EPA Registration Number (EPA Reg. No.) appears on all registered pesticides sold in the United States. It is usually found on the back panel of the label along with the detailed instructions for use.
  • Enter the company number (the first set of digits before the dash) to see all products marketed by that company or the entire number (including the dash) to view the label for a particular product.
  • To search by Special Local Need Number, please enter two-letter state abbreviations with or without 6 digit number (i.e. OH123456).
  • Search Buy Product or Alternative Brand Name: Enter the name of the product. As you type, options will be presented to you. Keep in mind that product names may vary, so if you don’t find the product you are looking for, try the EPA Registration Number Search.
  • Search By Company Name: Enter the name of the company. Some companies may have several divisions that manufacture and market pesticides products. You can select among these divisions using the drop-down list or choose the root of the company name (e.g., "Bayer" or "3M") to see products associated with all of the divisions.
  • Search By Company Number: Enter the company number. Please use digit without dash.
  • Search By Chemical Name (Active Ingredient): Enter the name of the chemical (Active Ingredients only) you are interested in. Because there are many naming conventions for chemicals, you can enter the common chemical name of the chemical or other variants, including scientific names or partial names. This search function will help guide you to products that contain that active ingredient.
  • Search By CAS Number Or PC Code: Enter the CAS Number or PC Code you are interested in. You may use the % wild card before and/or after your entry to enter a partial value.

About Pesticide Labels

Regulation Of Pesticide Labels

Information On Pesticide Product Label Topics

Get Help With Pesticide Label Issues

Alphabetical List Of CAS Numbers By Chemical Compound

Formula Synonyms CAS number
Ac2O3 actinium(III) oxide 12002-61-8
AgAlCl4 silver tetrachloroaluminate 27039-77-6
AgBr silver bromide 7785-23-1
AgBrO3 silver bromate 7783-89-3
AgCN silver cyanide 506-64-9
AgC2H3O2 silver acetate 563-63-3
AgCl silver chloride 7783-90-6
AgClO3 silver chlorate 7783-92-8
AgClO4 silver perchlorate 7783-93-9
AgF silver fluoride 7775-41-9
AgF2 silver difluoride 7783-95-1
AgI silver iodide 7783-96-2
AgIO3 silver iodate 7783-97-3
AgMnO4 silver permanganate 7783-98-4
AgN3 silver azide 13863-88-2
AgNO3 silver nitrate 7761-88-8
AgO silver(I,III) oxide 1301-96-8
AgONC silver fulminate 5610-59-3
ArPF6 silver hexafluorophosphate 26042-63-7
AgReO4 silver perrhenate 7784-00-1
AgSNC silver thiocyanate 1701-93-5
Ag2C2 silver acetylide 7659-31-6
Ag2CO3 silver carbonate 534-16-7
Ag2C2O4 silver oxalate 533-51-7
Ag2Cl2 disilver dichloride 75763-82-5
Ag2CrO4 silver chromate 7784-01-2
Ag2Cr2O7 silver dichromate 7784-02-3
Ag2F silver subfluoride 1302-01-8
Ag2MoO4 silver molybdate 13765-74-7
Ag2O silver oxide 20667-12-3
Ag2S silver sulfide 21548-73-2
Ag2SO4 silver sulfate 10294-26-5
Ag2Se silver selenide 1302-09-6
Ag2SeO3 silver selenite 7784-05-6
Ag2SeO4 silver selenate 7784-07-8
Ag2Te silver telluride 12002-99-2
Ag3Br2 silver dibromide 11078-32-3
Ag3Br3 silver tribromide 11078-33-4
Ag3Cl3 trisilver trichloride 12444-96-1
Ag3I3 trisilver triiodide 37375-12-5
Ag3PO4 silver phosphate 7784-09-0
Ag3SbS3 silver thioantimonate 15983-65-0
Al aluminium 7429-90-5
AlAs aluminium arsenide 22831-42-1
AlB2 aluminium diboride 12041-50-8
AlB12 aluminium dodecaboride 12041-54-2
AlBr3 aluminium bromide 7727-15-3
AlBr3•6H2O aluminium bromide hexahydrate 7784-11-4
Al(CHO2)3 aluminium formate 7360-53-4
AlCl3 aluminium chloride 7446-70-0
AlCl3•6H2O aluminium chloride hexahydrate 7784-13-6
AlF3 aluminium fluoride 7784-18-1
AlI3 aluminium iodide 7784-23-8
AlN aluminium nitride 24304-00-5
Al(NO3)3 aluminium nitrate 13473-90-0
Al(OH)3 aluminium hydroxide 21645-51-2
AlP aluminium phosphide 20859-73-8
AlPO4 aluminium phosphate 7784-30-7
AlSb aluminium antimonide 25152-52-7
Al2O3 aluminium oxide 1344-28-1
Al2(SO4)3 aluminium sulfate 10043-01-3
Al2S3 aluminium sulfide 1302-81-4
Al2Se3 aluminium selenide 1302-82-5
Al4C3 aluminum carbide 1299-86-1
Al6O13Si2 aluminum silicate 1302-93-8
AmCl3 americium(III) chloride 13464-46-5
AmO2 americium dioxide 12005-67-3
As arsenic 7440-38-2
AsBrO arsenic oxybromide 82868-10-8
AsBr3 arsenic tribromide 7784-33-0
AsCl3 arsenic trichloride 7784-34-1
AsCl3O arsenic oxychloride 60646-36-8
AsCl5 arsenic pentachloride 22441-45-8
AsF3 arsenic trifluoride 7784-35-2
AsF5 arsenic pentafluoride 7784-36-3
AsH3 arsenic trihydride 7784-42-1
AsI3 arsenic triiodide 7784-45-4
AsO arsenic monoxide 12005-99-1
AsO2 arsenic dioxide 12255-12-8
AsP arsenic monophosphide 12255-33-3
AsP3 arsenic phosphide 12511-95-4
AsSe4 arsenic tetraselenide 12006-06-3
As2H4 diarsenic tetrahydride 15942-63-9
As2I4 arsenic diiodide 13770-56-4
As2O3 arsenic trioxide 1327-53-3
As2O5 arsenic pentoxide 1303-28-2
As2P2 arsenic diphosphide 12512-03-7
As2S3 arsenic trisulfide 1303-33-9
As2S4 arsenic tetrasulfide 1303-32-8
As2S5 arsenic pentasulfide 1303-34-0
As2Se arsenic hemiselenide 1303-35-1
As2Se3 arsenic triselenide 1303-36-2
As2Se5 arsenic pentaselenide 1303-37-3
As2Te3 arsenic tritelluride 12044-54-1
As3O4 arsenic tetraoxide 83527-53-1
As3P arsenic triphosphide 12512-11-7
As4S4 tetraarsenic tetrasulfide 12279-90-2
Au gold 7440-57-5
AuBr gold(I) bromide 10294-27-6
AuBr3 gold(III) bromide 10294-28-7
AuCN gold(I) cyanide 506-65-0
AuCl gold(I) chloride 10294-29-8
AuCl3 gold(III) chloride 13453-07-1
AuF3 gold(III) fluoride 14720-21-9
AuF5 gold(V) fluoride 57542-85-5
AuI gold(I) iodide 10294-31-2
AuI3 gold(III) iodide 31032-13-0
Au(OH)3 gold(III) hydroxide 1303-52-2
AuSe gold(II) selenide 23331-11-5
AuTe gold(II) telluride 37043-71-3
Au2O3 gold(III) oxide 1303-58-8
Au2S gold(I) sulfide 1303-60-2
Au2S3 gold(III) sulfide 1303-61-3
Au2(SeO4)3 gold(III) selenate 10294-32-3
Au2Se3 gold(III) selenide 1303-62-4
Au4Cl8 gold(I,III) chloride 62792-24-9
Au4F8 gold(I,III) fluoride


Formula Synonyms CAS number
BAs boron arsenide 12005-69-5
BAsO4 boron arsenate 13510-31-1
BBr3 boron tribromide 10294-33-4
BCl3 boron trichloride 10294-34-5
BF3 boron trifluoride 7637-07-2
BI3 boron triiodide 13517-10-7
BN boron nitride 10043-11-5
BP boron phosphide 20205-91-8
BPO4 boron phosphate 13308-51-5
B2Cl4 diboron tetrachloride 13701-67-2
B2F4 diboron tetrafluoride 13965-73-6
B2H6 diboron hexahydride 19287-45-7
B2O3 diboron trioxide 1303-86-2
B2S3 diboron trisulfide 12007-33-9
B4C boron carbide 12069-32-8
B4H10 boron decahydride 18283-93-7
BaAl2O4 barium aluminate 12004-04-5
Ba(AsO3)2 barium arsenite 125687-68-5
Ba(AsO4)2 barium arsenate 56997-31-0
BaB6 barium boride 12046-08-1
BaBr2 barium bromide 10553-31-8
BaBr2•2H2O barium bromide dihydrate 7791-28-8
Ba(CHO2)2 barium formate 541-43-5
Ba(CN)2 barium cyanide 542-62-1
BaCO3 barium carbonate 513-77-9
BaC2 barium carbide 50813-65-5
Ba(C2H3O2)2 barium acetate 543-80-6
BaC2O4 barium oxalate 516-02-9
BaC4H4O6 barium tartrate 5908-81-6
Ba(C18H35O2)2 barium stearate 6865-35-6
Ba(ClO3)2 barium chlorate 13477-00-4
Ba(ClO4)2 barium perchlorate 13465-95-7
BaCl2 barium chloride 10361-37-2
BaCl2•2H2O barium chloride dihydrate 10326-27-9
BaCrO4 barium chromate 10294-40-3
BaF2 barium fluoride 7787-32-8
Ba(HS)2 barium hydrosulfide 25417-81-6
BaH2 barium hydride 13477-09-3
BaHgI4 barium tetraiodomercurate 10048-99-4
BaI2 barium iodide 13718-50-8
BaI2•2H2O barium iodide dihydrate 7787-33-9
BaMnO4 barium manganate 7787-35-1
Ba(MnO4)2 barium permanganate 7787-36-2
BaMoO4 barium molybdate 7787-37-3
Ba(NO2)2 barium nitrite 13465-94-6
Ba(NO3)2 barium nitrate 10022-31-8
BaN6 barium azide 18810-58-7
Ba(NbO3)2 barium niobate 12009-14-2
BaO barium oxide 1304-28-5
Ba(OH)2 barium hydroxide 17194-00-2
BaO2 barium peroxide 1304-29-6
Ba(PO3)2 barium metaphosphate 13466-20-1
Ba(ReO4)2 barium perrhenate 13768-52-0
BaS barium sulfide 21109-95-5
Ba(SCN)2 barium thiocyanate 2092-17-3
BaSO3 barium sulfite 7787-39-5
BaSO4 barium sulfate 7727-43-7
BaS2O3 barium thiosulfate 35112-53-9
BaSe barium selenide 1304-39-8
BaSeO3 barium selenite 13718-59-7
BaSeO4 barium selenate 7787-41-9
BaSiF6 barium hexafluorosilicate 17125-80-3
BaSiO3 barium metasilicate 13255-26-0
BaSi2 barium silicide 1304-40-1
BaSi2O5 barium disilicate 12650-28-1
BaSnO3 barium stannate 12009-18-6
BaTiO3 barium titanate 12047-27-7
Ba(VO3)2 barium vanadate 22652-39-7
BaWO4 barium tungstate 7787-42-0
BaZrO3 barium zirconate 12009-21-1
Ba2P2O7 barium pyrophosphate 13466-21-2
Ba3(CrO4)2 barium dichromate 12345-14-1
Ba3N2 barium nitride 12047-79-9
Ba3(VO4)2 barium orthovanadate 39416-30-3
BeAl2O4 beryllium aluminate 120041-06-7
Be(BH4)2 beryllium borohydride 17440-85-6
BeB2 beryllium boride 12228-40-9
BeBr2 beryllium bromide 7787-46-4
Be(CHO2)2 beryllium formate 1111-71-3
Be(C2H3O2)2 beryllium acetate 543-81-7
Be(C5H7O2)2 beryllium acetylacetonate 10210-64-7
BeCl2 beryllium chloride 7787-47-5
BeF2 beryllium fluoride 7787-49-7
BeH2 beryllium hydride 7787-52-2
BeI2 beryllium iodide 7787-53-3
Be(NO3)2 beryllium nitrate 13597-99-4
Be(NO3)2•4H2O beryllium nitrate tetrahydrate 13510-48-0
Be(NO3)2•3H2O beryllium nitrate trihydrate 7787-55-5
BeO beryllium oxide 1304-56-9
Be(OH)2 beryllium hydroxide 13327-32-7
BeS beryllium sulfide 13598-22-6
BeSO4 beryllium sulfate 13510-49-1
BeSO4•4H2O beryllium sulfate trihydrate 7787-56-6
BeSe beryllium selenide 12232-25-6
BeTe beryllium telluride 12232-27-8
Be2C beryllium carbide 506-66-1
Be2SiO4 beryllium silicate 13598-00-0
Be3N2 beryllium nitride 1304-54-7
Be3(PO4)2 beryllium phosphate 13598-15-7
BiBr3 bismuth(III) bromide 7787-58-8
Bi(CHO2)3 bismuth(III) formate 25573-24-4
BiC6H5O7 bismuth(III) citrate 813-93-4
BiCl3 bismuth(III) chloride 7787-60-2
BiF3 bismuth(III) fluoride 7787-61-3
BiF5 bismuth(V) fluoride 7787-62-4
BiH3 bismuth(III) hydride 18288-22-7
BiI3 bismuth(III) iodide 7787-64-6
BiNbO4 bismuth(III) orthoniobate 12272-28-5
BiOBr bismuth(III) oxybromide 7787-57-7
BiOCl bismuth(III) oxychloride 7787-59-9
Bi(OH)3 bismuth(III) hydroxide 10361-43-0
BiOI bismuth(III) oxyiodide 7787-63-5
BiONO3 bismuth(III) oxynitrate 10361-46-3
(BiO)2CO3 bismuth(III) subcarbonate 5892-10-4
BiPO4 bismuth(III) phosphate 10049-01-1
BiTaO4 bismuth(III) orthotantalate 12272-29-6
BiVO4 bismuth(III) vanadate 14059-33-7
Bi2(C2O4)3 bismuth(III) oxalate 6591-55-5
Bi2(MoO4)3 bismuth(III) molybdate 51898-99-8
Bi2O3 bismuth(III) oxide 1304-76-3
Bi2O4 bismuth(IV) peroxide 12048-50-9
Bi2S3 bismuth(III) sulfide 1345-07-9
Bi2Se3 bismuth(III) selenide 12068-69-8
Bi2(SnO4)3 bismuth(III) stannate 7787-68-0
Bi2Te3 bismuth(III) telluride 1304-82-1
Bi4(TiO4)3 bismuth(III) titanate 12048-51-0
Bi5O(OH)9(NO3)4 bismuth(III) subnitrate 1304-85-4
BkBr3 berkelium(III) bromide 22787-71-9
BkCl3 berkelium(III) chloride 13536-46-4
BkF3 berkelium(III) fluoride 20716-88-5
BkF4 berkelium(IV) fluoride 22422-27-1
BkI3 berkelium(III) iodide 23171-53-1
BkO berkelium(II) oxide 70424-36-1
BkO2 berkelium(IV) oxide 12010-84-3
Bk2O3 berkelium(III) oxide 12310-58-6
BrCl bromine monochloride 13863-41-7
BrF bromine monofluoride 13863-59-7
BrF3 bromine trifluoride 7787-71-5
BrF5 bromine pentafluoride 7789-30-2
BrN3 bromine azide 13973-87-0
BrO2 bromine dioxide 21255-83-4
Br2O bromine monoxide 21308-80-5


Formula Synonyms CAS number
C10H16N2O8 Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) 6381-92-6
C12H22O11 sucrose 57-50-1
C20H25N30 Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) 50-37-3
C123H193N35O37 Common serum albumin (macromolecule) 9048-49-1
Ca(AlH4)2 calcium tetrahydroaluminate 16941-10-9
CaAl2O4 calcium aluminate 12042-68-1
CaB6 calcium boride 12007-99-7
CaBr2 calcium bromide 7789-41-5
Ca(CHO2)2 calcium formate 544-17-2
Ca(CN)2 calcium cyanide 592-01-8
CaCN2 calcium cyanamide 156-62-7
CaCO3 calcium carbonate 471-34-1
CaC2 calcium carbide 75-20-7
Ca(C2HO2)2 calcium fumarate 19855-56-2
Ca(C2H3O2)2 calcium acetate 62-54-4
CaC2O4 calcium oxalate 563-72-4
Ca(C3H5O2)2 calcium propionate 4075-81-4
Ca(ClO3)2 calcium chlorate 10137-74-3
Ca(ClO4)2 calcium perchlorate 13477-36-6
CaCl2 calcium chloride 10043-52-4
CaCl2•6H2O calcium chloride hexahydrate 7774-34-7
CaCl2O2 calcium hypochlorite 7778-54-3
CaCr2O7 calcium chromate 14307-33-6
CaF2 calcium fluoride 7789-75-5
CaHPO4 calcium hydrogenorthophosphate 7757-93-9
CaH2 calcium hydride 7789-78-8
Ca(H2PO2)2 calcium hypophosphite 7789-79-9
Ca(H2PO4)2 calcium dihydrogen phosphate monohydrate 7758-23-8
Ca(IO3)2 calcium iodate 7789-80-2
CaI2 calcium iodide 10102-68-8
Ca(MnO4)2 calcium permanganate 10118-76-0
CaMoO4 calcium molybdate 7789-82-4
Ca(NO2)2 calcium nitrite 13780-06-8
Ca(NO3)2 calcium nitrate 10124-37-5
CaO calcium oxide 1305-78-8
Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide 1305-62-0
CaO2 calcium peroxide 1305-79-9
CaRe2O8 calcium perrhenate 13768-54-2
CaS calcium sulfide 20548-54-3
CaSO4 calcium sulfate 7778-18-9
CaSe calcium selenide 1305-84-6
CaSiO3 calcium metasilicate 1344-95-2
CaSi2 calcium silicide 12013-56-8
CaTe calcium telluride 12013-57-9
CaTiO3 calcium titanate 12049-50-2
CaWO4 calcium tungstate 7790-75-2
Ca2P2O7 calcium pyrophosphate 7790-76-3
Ca2SiO4 calcium silicate 1344-95-2
Ca3(AsO4)2 calcium arsenate 7778-44-1
Ca3(C6H15O7)2 calcium citrate 5785-44-4
Ca3N2 calcium nitride 12013-82-0
Ca3(PO4)2 calcium phosphate 7758-87-4
Ca3P2 calcium phosphide 1305-99-3
CdBr2 cadmium bromide 7789-42-6
Cd(CN)2 cadmium cyanide 542-83-6
CdCO3 cadmium carbonate 513-78-0
Cd(C2H3O2)2 cadmium acetate 543-90-8
CdC2O4 cadmium oxalate 814-88-0
CdCl2 cadmium chloride 10108-64-2
CdCrO4 cadmium chromate 14312-00-6
CdF2 cadmium fluoride 7790-79-6
Cd(IO3)2 cadmium iodate 7790-81-0
CdI2 cadmium iodide 7790-80-9
CdMoO4 cadmium molybdate 13972-68-4
Cd(NO3)2 cadmium nitrate 10325-94-7
Cd(N3)2 cadmium azide 14215-29-3
CdO cadmium oxide 1306-19-0
Cd(OH)2 cadmium hydroxide 21041-95-2
CdS cadmium sulfide 1306-23-6
CdSO4 cadmium sulfate 10124-36-4
CdSb cadmium antimonide 12014-29-8
CdSe cadmium selenide 1306-24-7
CdSiO3 cadmium silicate 13477-19-5
CdTe cadmium telluride 1306-25-8
CdTiO4 cadmium titanate 12014-14-1
CdWO4 cadmium tungstate 7790-85-4
Cd2Nb2O7 cadmium niobate 12187-14-3
Cd3As2 cadmium arsenide 12006-15-4
Cd3P2 cadmium phosphide 12014-28-7
Cd3N2 cadmium nitride 12380-95-9
CeBr3 cerium(III) bromide 7790-86-5
Ce(CHO2)3 cerium(III) formate 3252-51-5
CeCl3 cerium(III) chloride 7790-86-5
CeF2 cerium(II) fluoride 22655-57-8
CeF3 cerium(III) fluoride 7758-88-5
CeF4 cerium(IV) fluoride 10060-10-3
CeH2 cerium(II) hydride 13569-50-1
CeI2 cerium(II) iodide 19139-47-0
CeI3 cerium(III) iodide 7790-87-6
CeN cerium(III) nitride 25764-08-3
CeO2 cerium(IV) oxide 1306-38-3
CeS cerium(II) sulfide 12014-82-3
CeVO2 cerium(III) vanadate 13597-19-8
Ce2(C2O4)3 cerium(III) oxalate 15750-47-7
Ce2O3 cerium(III) oxide 1306-38-3
Ce2S3 cerium(III) sulfide 12014-93-6
CfBr2 californium(II) bromide 36700-18-2
CfBr3 californium(III) bromide 20758-68-3
CfCl2 californium(II) chloride 99643-99-9
CfCl3 californium(III) chloride 13536-90-8
CfF3 californium(III) fluoride 42775-52-0
CfF4 californium(IV) fluoride 42845-08-9
CfI2 californium(II) iodide 49774-08-5
CfI3 californium(III) iodide 20758-81-0
CfO2 californium(IV) oxide 12015-10-0
Cf2O3 californium(III) oxide 12050-91-8
(CH3)2SO Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) 67-68-5
ClF chlorine monofluoride 7790-89-8
ClF3 chlorine trifluoride 7790-91-2
ClF5 chlorine pentafluoride 13637-63-3
ClOClO3 chlorine perchlorate 27218-16-2
Cl2O chlorine monoxide 7791-21-1
ClO2 chlorine dioxide 10049-04-4
Cl2O3 chlorine trioxide 17496-59-2
Cl2O6 chlorine hexoxide 12442-63-6
Cl2O7 chlorine heptoxide 10294-48-1
CmBr3 curium(III) bromide 14890-42-7
CmCl3 curium(III) chloride 13537-20-7
CmF3 curium(III) fluoride 13708-79-7
CmF4 curium(IV) fluoride 24311-95-3
CmI3 curium(III) iodide 14696-85-6
CmO curium(II) oxide 24762-86-5
CmO2 curium(IV) oxide 12016-67-0
Cm2O3 curium(III) oxide 12371-27-6
Cn cyanide 74-90-8
CoAl2O4 cobalt(II) aluminate 13820-62-7
CoBr2 cobalt(II) bromide 7789-43-7
Co(CN)2 cobalt(II) cyanide 542-84-7
Co(C2H3O2)2 cobalt(II) acetate 71-48-7
Co(C2H3O2)2 cobalt(II) acetate tetrahydrate 6147-53-1
CoC2O4 cobalt(II) oxalate 814-89-1
Co(C11H10O2)2 cobalt(II) naphthenate 61789-51-3
CoC15H21O6 cobalt(III) acetylacetonate 21679-46-9
Co(ClO4)2 cobalt(II) perchlorate 13455-31-7
CoCl2 cobalt(II) chloride 7646-79-9
CoCl2•6H2O cobalt(II) chloride hexahydrate 7791-13-1
CoCl3 cobalt(III) chloride 10241-04-0
CoCrO4 cobalt(II) chromate 24613-38-5
CoCr2O4 cobalt(II) chromite 13455-25-9
CoF2 cobalt(II) fluoride 10026-17-2
CoF3 cobalt(III) fluoride 10026-18-3
CoF4 cobalt(IV) fluoride 13596-45-7
CoI2 cobalt(II) iodide 15238-00-3
Co(IO3)2 cobalt(II) iodate 13455-28-2
CoMoO4 cobalt(II) molybdate 13762-14-6
Co(NO3)2 cobalt(II) nitrate 10141-05-6
Co(NO3)2•6H2O cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate 10026-22-9
Co(NO3)3 cobalt(III) nitrate 15520-84-0
CoO cobalt(II) oxide 1307-96-6
Co(OH)2 cobalt(II) hydroxide 21041-93-0
Co(OH)3 cobalt(III) hydroxide 1307-86-4
CoS cobalt(II) sulfide 1317-42-6
CoS2 cobalt(IV) sulfide 12013-10-4
CoSe cobalt(II) selenide 1307-99-9
CoTe cobalt(II) telluride 12017-13-9
CoTiO3 cobalt(II) titanate 12017-01-5
CoWO4 cobalt(II) tungstate 12640-47-0
Co2O3 cobalt(III) oxide 1308-04-9
Co2O3•H2O cobalt(III) oxide monohydrate 12016-80-7
CoSO4 cobalt(II) sulfate 10124-43-3
Co2S3 cobalt(III) sulfide 1332-71-4
Co2SiO4 cobalt(II) orthosilicate 12017-08-2
Co2SnO4 cobalt(II) stannate 12139-93-4
Co2TiO4 cobalt(III) titanate 12017-38-8
Co3(Fe(CN)6)2 cobalt(II) ferricyanide 14049-81-1
CrBr2 chromium(II) bromide 10049-25-9
CrBr3 chromium(III) bromide 10031-25-1
CrBr4 chromium(IV) bromide 23098-84-2
Cr(C6H4NO2)3 chromium(III) picolinate 14639-25-9
Cr(CO)6 chromium(VI) carbonyl 13007-92-6
CrCl2 chromium(II) chloride 10049-05-5
CrCl3 chromium(III) chloride 10025-73-7
CrCl4 chromium(IV) chloride 15597-88-3
CrF2 chromium(II) fluoride 10049-10-2
CrF3 chromium(III) fluoride 7788-97-8
CrF4 chromium(IV) fluoride 10049-11-3
CrF5 chromium(V) fluoride 14884-42-5
CrF6 chromium(VI) fluoride 13843-28-2
CrI2 chromium(II) iodide 13478-28-9
CrI3 chromium(III) iodide 13569-75-0
CrI4 chromium(IV) iodide 23518-77-6
CrN chromium(III) nitride 12053-27-9
Cr(NO3)3 chromium(III) nitrate 13548-38-4
CrO2 chromium(IV) oxide 12018-01-8
CrO3 chromium(VI) oxide 1333-82-0
CrPO4 chromium(III) phosphate 7789-04-0
CrSe chromium(II) selenide 12053-13-3
CrO2F2 chromyl fluoride 7788-96-7
CrO2Cl2 chromyl chloride 14977-61-8
Cr2O3 chromium(III) oxide 1308-38-9
Cr2(SO4)3 chromium(III) sulfate 10101-53-8
Cr2S3 chromium(III) sulfide 12018-22-3
Cr2Te3 chromium(III) telluride 12053-39-3
Cr3C2 chromium(II) carbide 12012-35-0
Cr3O4 chromium(II,III) oxide 12018-34-7
CsBO2 caesium metaborate 92141-86-1
CsBr caesium bromide 7787-69-1
CsBrO3 caesium bromate 13454-75-6
CsCN caesium cyanide 21159-32-0
CsC2H3O2 caesium acetate 3399-17-5
CsCl caesium chloride 7647-17-8
CsClO3 caesium chlorate 13763-67-2
CsClO4 caesium perchlorate 13454-84-7
CsF caesium fluoride 13400-13-0
CsH caesium hydride 58724-12-2
CsI caesium iodide 7789-17-5
CsIO3 caesium iodate 13454-81-4
CsIO4 caesium periodate 13478-04-1
CsMnO4 caesium permanganate 13456-28-5
CsNH2 caesium amide 22205-57-8
CsNO2 caesium nitrite 13454-83-6
CsNO3 caesium nitrate 7789-18-6
CsN3 caesium azide 22750-57-8
CsOH caesium hydroxide 21351-79-1
CsO2 caesium superoxide 12018-61-0
CsVO3 caesium vanadate 14644-55-4
Cs2CO3 caesium carbonate 534-17-8
Cs2C2O4 caesium oxalate 1068-63-9
Cs2CdI4 caesium tetraiodocadamate 15683-21-3
Cs2CrO4 caesium chromate 56320-90-2
Cs2MoO4 caesium molybdate 13597-64-3
Cs2O caesium oxide 20281-00-9
Cs2O2 caesium peroxide 12053-70-2
Cs2S caesium sulfide 12214-16-3
Cs2SO4 caesium sulfate 10294-54-9
Cs2Se caesium selenide 31052-46-7
Cs2Te caesium telluride 12191-06-9
Cs2WO4 caesium tungstate 13587-19-4
Cs2ZnI4 caesium tetraiodozincate 15158-68-6
Cu(BF4)2 copper(II) tetrafluoroborate 14735-84-3
Cu(BO2)2 copper(II) borate 393290-85-2
CuBr copper(I) bromide 7787-70-4
CuBr2 copper(II) bromide 7789-45-9
Cu(CHO2)2 copper(II) formate 544-19-4
CuCN copper(I) cyanide 544-92-3
Cu(CN)2 copper(II) cyanide 14763-77-0
CuC2 copper(II) acetylide 1117-94-8
CuC2H3O2 copper(I) acetate 598-54-9
Cu(C2H3O2)2 copper(II) acetate 142-71-2
CuC2O4 copper(II) oxalate 814-91-5
Cu(C16H35O2)2 copper(II) stearate 660-60-6
Cu(C18H33O2)2 copper(II) oleate 1120-44-1
CuCl copper(I) chloride 7758-89-6
Cu(ClO4)2 copper(II) perchlorate 13770-18-8
CuCl2 copper(II) chloride 7447-39-4
CuCl2•2H2O copper(II) chloride dihydrate 10125-13-0
CuCrO4 copper(II) chromate 13548-42-0
CuF copper(I) fluoride 13478-41-6
CuF2 copper(II) fluoride 7789-19-7
CuH copper(I) hydride 13517-00-5
CuHAsO3 copper(II) arsenite 10290-12-7
CuI copper(I) iodide 7681-65-4
CuMoO4 copper(II) molybdate 13767-34-5
Cu(NO3)2 copper(II) nitrate 3251-23-8
CuN3 copper(I) azide 14336-80-2
Cu(N3)2 copper(II) azide 14215-30-6
CuO copper(II) oxide 1317-38-0
Cu(OH)2 copper(II) hydroxide 20427-59-2
CuS copper(II) sulfide 1317-40-4
CuSCN copper(I) thiocyanate 1111-67-7
CuSO4 copper(II) sulfate 7758-98-7
CuSe copper(II) selenide 1317-41-5
CuTe copper(II) telluride 12019-23-7
CuWO4 copper(II) tungstate 13587-35-4
Cu2C2 copper(I) acetylide 1117-94-8
Cu2Fe(CN)6 copper(II) ferrocyanide 13601-13-3
Cu2O copper(I) oxide 1317-39-1
Cu2P2O7 copper(II) pyrophosphate 10102-90-6
Cu2S copper(I) sulfide 22205-45-4
Cu2Se copper(I) selenide 20405-64-5
Cu2Te copper(I) telluride 12019-52-2
Cu3(AsO4)2 copper(II) arsenate 10103-61-4

Formula Synonyms CAS number
DyB4 dysprosium(II) boride 12310-43-9
DyBr2 dysprosium(II) bromide 83229-05-4
DyBr3 dysprosium(III) bromide 14456-48-5
Dy(CHO2)3 dysprosium(III) formate 3252-58-2
DyCl2 dysprosium(II) chloride 13767-31-2
DyCl3 dysprosium(III) chloride 10025-74-8
DyF3 dysprosium(III) fluoride 13569-80-7
DyH3 dysprosium(III) hydride 13537-09-2
DyI2 dysprosium(II) iodide 36377-94-3
DyI3 dysprosium(III) iodide 15474-63-2
DyN dysprosium(III) nitride 12019-88-4
DySi2 dysprosium(II) silicide 12133-07-2
Dy2O3 dysprosium(III) oxide 1308-87-8
Dy2S3 dysprosium(III) sulfide 12133-10-7

Formula Synonyms CAS number
ErB4 erbium(III) boride 12310-44-0
ErBr3 erbium(III) bromide 13536-73-7
Er(CHO2)3 erbium(III) formate 15331-72-3
ErCl3 erbium(III) chloride 10138-41-7
ErCl3•6H2O erbium(III) chloride hexahydrate 10025-75-9
ErF3 erbium(III) fluoride 13760-83-3
ErH3 erbium(III) hydride 13550-53-3
ErI3 erbium(III) iodide 13813-42-8
ErN erbium(III) nitride 12020-21-2
ErNbO4 erbium(III) niobate 12061-00-6
ErS erbium(II) sulfide 12159-66-9
ErTe erbium(II) telluride 12020-39-2
ErVO4 erbium(III) vanadate 13596-17-3
Er2O3 erbium(III) oxide 12061-16-4
Er2(SO4)3 erbium(III) sulfate 13478-49-4
Er2S3 erbium(III) sulfide 12159-66-9
Er2Te3 erbium(III) telluride 12020-39-2
EsBr2 einsteinium(II) bromide 70292-43-2
EsBr3 einsteinium(III) bromide 72461-17-7
EsCl2 einsteinium(II) chloride 66693-95-6
EsCl3 einsteinium(III) chloride 24645-86-1
EsF3 einsteinium(III) fluoride 99644-27-6
EsI2 einsteinium(II) iodide 70292-44-3
EsI3 einsteinium(III) iodide 99644-28-7
Es2O3 einsteinium(III) oxide 37362-94-0
EuBr2 europium(II) bromide 13780-48-8
EuBr3 europium(III) bromide 13759-88-1
Eu(CHO2)3 europium(III) formate 3252-55-9
EuCl2 europium(II) chloride 13769-20-5
EuCl3 europium(III) chloride 10025-76-0
EuF2 europium(II) fluoride 14077-39-5
EuF3 europium(III) fluoride 13765-25-8
EuI2 europium(II) iodide 22015-35-6
EuI3 europium(III) iodide 13759-90-5
EuN europium(III) nitride 12020-58-5
Eu(NbO3)2 europium(II) niobate 55216-32-5
EuS europium(II) sulfide 12020-65-4
EuSe europium(II) selenide 12020-66-5
EuSi2 europium(II) silicide 12434-24-1
EuTe europium(II) telluride 12020-69-8
EuVO4 europium(II) vanadate 13537-11-6
Eu2O3 europium(III) oxide 1308-96-9
Eu2(SO4)3 europium(III) sulfate 13537-15-0

Formula Synonyms CAS number
FNO3 fluorine nitrate 7789-26-6
FOClO3 fluorine perchlorate 10049-03-3
F2O fluorine monoxide 7783-41-7
F2O2 fluorine dioxide 7783-44-0
Fe iron 7439-89-6
Fe(AlO2)2 iron(II) aluminate 12068-49-4
FeAs iron(III) arsenic 12044-16-5
FeBr2 iron(II) bromide 7789-46-0
FeBr3 iron(III) bromide 10031-26-2
FeCO3 iron(II) carbonate 563-71-3
Fe(C2H3O2)2 iron(II) acetate 3094-87-9
FeCl2 iron(II) chloride 7758-94-3
FeCl2•2H2O iron(II) chloride dihydrate 16399-77-2
FeCl2•4H2O iron(II) chloride tetrahydrate 13478-10-9
FeCl3 iron(III) chloride 7705-08-0
FeCl3•6H2O iron(III) chloride hexahydrate 10025-77-1
FeCr2O4 iron chromite 1308-31-2
FeF2 iron(II) fluoride 7789-28-8
FeF2•4H2O iron(II) fluoride tetrahydrate 13940-89-1
FeF3 iron(III) fluoride 7783-50-8
FeF3•3H2O iron(III) fluoride trihydrate 15469-38-2
Fe(H2PO2)3 iron(III) hypophosphite 7783-84-8
FeI2 iron(II) iodide 7783-86-0
FeI3 iron(III) iodide 15600-49-4
FeMoO4 iron(II) molybdate 13718-70-2
Fe(NO3)2 iron(II) nitrate 14013-86-6
Fe(NO3)3 ferric nitrate 10421-48-4
FeO iron(II) oxide 1345-25-1
Fe(OH)2 iron(II) hydroxide 18624-44-7
Fe(OH)3 iron(III) hydroxide 1309-33-7
FePO4 iron(III) phosphate 10045-86-0
FeS iron(II) sulfide 1317-37-9
FeSO4 iron(II) sulfate 7720-78-7
FeSe iron(II) selenide 1310-32-3
FeTe iron(II) telluride 12125-63-2
FeTiO4 iron(II) titanate 12168-52-4
Fe(VO3)3 iron(III) metavanadate 65842-03-7
FeWO4 iron(II) tungstate 13870-24-1
Fe2(C2O4)3 iron(III) oxalate 19469-07-9
Fe2(CrO4)3 iron(III) chromate 10294-52-7
Fe2(Cr2O7)3 iron(III) dichromate 10294-53-8
Fe2O3 iron(III) oxide 1309-37-1
Fe2(SO4)3 iron(III) sulfate 10028-22-5
Fe2SiO4 iron(II) orthosilicate 10179-73-4
Fe3O4 iron(II,III) oxide 1317-61-9
Fe3(PO4)2 iron(II) phosphate 14940-41-1
Fe4(Fe(CN)6)3 iron(III) ferrocyanide 14038-43-8
Fe4(P2O7)3 iron(III) pyrophosphate 10058-44-3

Formula Synonyms CAS number
GaAs gallium(III) arsenide 1303-00-0
GaBr3 gallium(III) bromide 13450-88-9
GaCl2 gallium(II) chloride 24597-12-4
GaCl3 gallium trichloride 13450-90-3
GaF3 gallium(III) fluoride 7783-51-9
GaF3•3H2O gallium(III) fluoride trihydrate 22886-66-4
GaH3 gallium(III) hydride 13572-93-5
GaI3 gallium(III) iodide 13450-91-4
GaN gallium(III) nitride 25617-97-4
Ga(NO3)3 gallium(III) nitrate 13494-90-1
GaO gallium(II) oxide 12024-08-7
Ga(OH)3 gallium(III) hydroxide 12023-99-3
GaP gallium(III) phosphide 12063-98-8
GaS gallium(II) sulfide 12024-10-1
GaSb gallium(III) antimonide 12064-03-8
GaSe gallium(II) selenide 12024-11-2
GaTe gallium(II) telluride 12024-14-5
Ga2Cl4 gallium(I,III) chloride 24597-12-4
Ga2O gallium(I) oxide 12024-20-3
Ga2O3 gallium(III) oxide 12024-21-4
Ga2S3 gallium(III) sulfide 12024-22-5
Ga2(SO4)3 gallium(III) sulfate 13494-91-2
Ga2Se3 gallium(III) selenide 12024-24-7
Ga2Te3 gallium(III) telluride 12024-27-0
GdBr3 gadolinium(III) bromide 13818-75-2
Gd(CHO2)3 gadolinium(III) formate 3252-56-0
GdCl3 gadolinium(III) chloride 10138-52-0
GdCl3•6H2O gadolinium(III) chloride hexahydrate 19423-81-5
GdF3 gadolinium(III) fluoride 13765-26-9
GdI2 gadolinium(II) iodide 13814-72-7
GdI3 gadolinium(III) iodide 13572-98-0
GdN gadolinium(III) nitride 25764-15-2
GdSe gadolinium(II) selenide 12024-81-6
GdSi2 gadolinium(II) silicide 12134-75-7
Gd2O3 gadolinium(III) oxide 12064-62-9
Gd2S3 gadolinium(III) sulfide 12134-77-9
Gd2Te3 gadolinium(III) telluride 12160-99-5
GeBr2 germanium(II) bromide 24415-00-7
GeBr4 germanium(IV) bromide 13450-92-5
Ge(CH3O)4 germanium(IV) methoxide 992-91-6
GeCl2 germanium(II) chloride 10060-11-4
GeCl4 germanium(IV) chloride 10038-98-9
GeF2 germanium(II) fluoride 13940-63-1
GeF4 germanium(IV) fluoride 7783-58-6
GeH4 germanium(IV) hydride 7782-65-2
GeI2 germanium(II) iodide 13573-08-5
GeI4 germanium(IV) iodide 13450-95-8
GeO germanium(II) oxide 20619-16-3
GeO2 germanium(IV) oxide 1310-53-8
GeS germanium(II) sulfide 12025-32-0
GeS2 germanium(IV) sulfide 12025-34-2
GeSe germanium(II) selenide 12065-10-0
GeSe2 germanium(IV) selenide 12065-11-1
GeTe germanium(II) telluride 12025-39-7
Ge3N4 germanium(IV) nitride 12065-36-0

Formula Synonyms CAS number
H2O water 7732-18-5
H2SO4 sulfuric acid 7664-93-9
H3BO3 boric acid 10043-35-3
HfB2 hafnium boride 12007-23-7
HfBr4 hafnium bromide 13777-22-5
HfC hafnium carbide 12069-85-1
HfCl4 hafnium chloride 13499-05-3
HfF4 hafnium(IV) fluoride 13709-52-9
HfH2 hafnium hydride 12770-26-2
HfI3 hafnium iodide 13779-73-2
HfN hafnium nitride 25817-87-2
HfO2 hafnium oxide 12055-23-1
HfP hafnium phosphide 12325-59-6
Hf(SO4)2 hafnium sulfate 15823-43-5
HfS2 hafnium sulfide 18855-94-2
HfSe2 hafnium selenide 12162-21-9
HfSiO4 hafnium orthosilicate 13870-13-8
HfSi2 hafnium silicide 12401-56-8
HgBr2 mercury(II) bromide 7789-47-1
Hg(C2H3O2)2 mercury(II) acetate 1600-27-7
HgCl2 mercury(II) chloride 7487-94-7
HgCl2O8 mercury(II) perchlorate 73491-34-6
HgF2 mercury(II) fluoride 7783-39-3
HgH2 mercury(II) hydride 72172-67-9
Hg(IO3)2 mercury(II) iodate 7783-32-6
HgI2 mercury(II) iodide 7774-29-0
Hg(NO3)2 mercury(II) nitrate 10045-94-0
HgO mercury(II) oxide 21908-53-2
Hg(ONC)2 mercury(II) fulminate 628-86-4
HgS mercury(II) sulfide 1344-48-5
Hg(SCN)2 mercury(II) thiocyanate 592-85-8
HgSO4 mercury(II) sulfate 7783-35-9
HgSe mercury(II) selenide 20601-83-6
HgTe mercury(II) telluride 12068-90-5
Hg2Br2 mercury(I) bromide 15385-58-7
Hg2Cl2 mercury(I) chloride 10112-91-1
Hg2F2 mercury(I) fluoride 1396-75-4
Hg2I2 mercury(I) iodide 15385-57-6
Hg2O mercury(I) oxide 15829-53-5
HoBr3 holmium bromide 13825-76-8
Ho(CHO2)3 holmium formate 3252-59-3
HoCl3 holmium chloride 10138-62-2
HoF3 holmium fluoride 13760-78-6
HoI3 holmium iodide 13813-41-7
HoN holmium nitride 12029-81-1
HoSi2 holmium silicide 12136-24-2
HoVO4 holmium vanadate 13977-63-4
Ho2O3 holmium oxide 12055-62-8
Ho2S3 holmium sulfide 12162-59-3

Formula Synonyms CAS number
IBr iodine monobromide 7789-33-5
ICl iodine monochloride 7790-99-0
ICl3 iodine trichloride 865-44-1
IF iodine monofluoride 13873-84-2
IF3 iodine(III) fluoride 22520-96-3
IF5 iodine pentafluoride 7783-66-6
IF7 iodine heptafluoride 16921-96-3
IN3 iodine monoazide 14696-82-3
I2O4 diiodine tetroxide 12399-08-5
I2O5 diiodine pentoxide 12029-98-0
InAs indium(III) arsenide 1303-11-3
InBr indium(I) bromide 14280-53-6
InBr2 indium(II) bromide 21264-43-7
InBr3 indium(III) bromide 13465-09-3
In(C2H3O2)3 indium(III) acetate 25114-58-3
InCl indium(I) chloride 13465-10-6
InCl2 indium(II) chloride 13465-11-7
InCl3 indium(III) chloride 10025-82-8
InF indium(I) fluoride 74508-07-9
InF3 indium(III) fluoride 7783-52-0
InF3•3H2O indium(III) fluoride trihydrate 14166-78-0
InF3•9H2O indium(III) fluoride nonahydrate 7783-52-0
InH indium(I) hydride 13939-13-4
InI indium(I) iodide 13465-10-6
InI3 indium(III) iodide 13510-35-5
InN indium(III) nitride 25617-98-5
In(OH)3 indium(III) hydroxide 20661-21-6
InP indium(III) phosphide 22398-80-7
InPO4 indium(III) phosphate 14693-82-4
InS indium(II) sulfide 12030-14-7
InSb indium(III) antimonide 1312-41-0
InSe indium(II) selenide 1312-42-1
InTe indium(II) telluride 12030-19-2
In2I4 indium(I,III) iodide 13779-78-7
In2O3 indium(III) oxide 1312-43-2
In2(SO4)3 indium(III) sulfate 13464-82-9
In2S3 indium(III) sulfide 12030-24-9
In2Se3 indium(III) selenide 1312-42-1
In2Te3 indium(III) telluride 1312-45-4
IrBr2 iridium(II) bromide 77791-70-9
IrBr3 iridium(III) bromide 10049-24-8
IrBr4 iridium(IV) bromide 7789-64-2
IrCl2 iridium(II) chloride 13465-17-3
IrCl3 iridium(III) chloride 10025-83-9
IrCl4 iridium(IV) chloride 10025-97-5
IrF3 iridium(III) fluoride 23370-59-4
IrF4 iridium(IV) fluoride 37501-24-9
IrF5 iridium(V) fluoride 14568-19-5
IrF6 iridium(VI) fluoride 7783-75-7
IrI2 iridium(II) iodide 19253-38-4
IrI3 iridium(III) iodide 7790-41-2
IrI4 iridium(IV) iodide 7790-45-6
IrO2 iridium(IV) oxide 12030-49-8
IrO2•2H2O iridium(IV) oxide dihydrate 30980-84-8
IrS2 iridium(IV) sulfide 12030-51-2
IrSe2 iridium(IV) selenide 12030-55-6
IrTe3 iridium(VI) telluride 12196-62-2
Ir2O3 iridium(III) oxide 12030-49-8
Ir2S3 iridium(III) sulfide 12136-42-4

Formula Synonyms CAS number
KAlF4 potassium tetrafluoroaluminate 14484-69-6
KAlO2 potassium aluminate 12003-63-3
KBF4 potassium fluoroborate 14075-53-7
KBr potassium bromide 7758-02-3
KBrO3 potassium bromate 7758-01-2
KCHF3O3S potassium trifluoromethanesulfonate 2926-27-4
KCHO2 potassium formate 590-29-4
KCH3O potassium methoxide 865-33-8
KCN potassium cyanide 151-50-8
KCNO potassium cyanate 590-28-3
KC2HO4 potassium binoxalate 127-95-7
KC2H3O2 potassium acetate 127-08-2
KC2H5O potassium ethoxide 917-58-8
KC3H5O2 potassium propionate 327-62-8
KC3H5S2O potassium xanthogenate 140-89-6
KC3H7NS2 potassium dimethyldithiocarbamate 128-03-0
KC4H5O6 potassium bitartrate 868-14-4
KC7H5O2 potassium benzoate 582-25-2
KCl potassium chloride 7447-40-7
KClO3 potassium chlorate 3811-04-9
KClO4 potassium perchlorate 7778-74-7
K2CuCl4 potassium tetrachlorocuprate 13877-24-2
KF potassium fluoride 7789-23-3
KH potassium hydride 7693-26-7
KHCO3 potassium bicarbonate 298-14-6
K(HF2) potassium bifluoride 7789-29-9
KHSO4 potassium bisulfate 7646-93-7
KH2PO4 potassium diphosphate 7778-77-0
KH4B potassium borohydride 13762-51-1
KI potassium iodide 7681-11-0
KIO3 potassium iodate 7758-05-6
KIO4 potassium periodate 7790-21-8
KMnO4 potassium permanganate 7722-64-7
KNO2 potassium nitrite 7758-09-0
KNO3 potassium nitrate 7757-79-1
KN3 potassium azide 20762-60-1
KNbO3 potassium niobate 12030-85-2
KOH potassium hydroxide 1310-58-3
KO2 potassium superoxide 12030-88-5
KPF6 potassium hexafluorophosphate 17084-13-8
KPO3 potassium metaphosphate 7790-53-6
KReO4 potassium perrhenate 10466-65-6
KRuO4 potassium perruthenate 10378-50-4
KSCN potassium thiocyanate 333-20-0
KVO3 potassium metavanadate 13769-43-2
K2CO3 potassium carbonate 584-08-7
K2C2O4 potassium oxalate 583-52-8
K2C4H6O6 potassium tartrate 921-53-9
K2C6H8O4 potassium adipate 19147-16-1
K2CrO4 potassium chromate 7789-00-6
K2Cr2O7 potassium dichromate 7778-50-9
K2FeO4 potassium ferrate 39469-86-8
K2S2O3 potassium thiosulfate 10294-66-3
K2O potassium oxide 12136-45-7
K2O2 potassium peroxide 17014-71-0
K2PdCl4 potassium tetrachloropalladate 10025-98-6
K2RuCl6 potassium hexachlororuthenate 18746-63-9
K2S potassium sulfide 1312-73-8
K2SO4 potassium sulfate 7778-80-5
K2S2O5 potassium metabisulfite 16731-55-8
K2S2O7 potassium pyrosulfate 7790-62-7
K2S2O8 potassium persulfate 7727-21-1
K2Se potassium selenide 1312-74-9
K2SiF6 potassium hexafluorosilicate 16871-90-2
K2SiO4 potassium silicate 10006-28-7
K2Te potassium telluride 12142-40-4
K2TeO3 potassium tellurite 15571-91-2
K2TiF6 potassium hexafluorotitanate 16919-27-0
K2ZrF6 potassium hexafluorozirconate 16923-95-8
K3AlF6 potassium hexafluoroaluminate 13775-52-5
K3(Fe(CN)6) potassium ferricyanide 13746-66-2
K3PO4 potassium phosphate 7778-53-2
K4P2O7 potassium pyrophosphate 7320-34-5
KrF2 krypton difluoride 13773-81-4

Formula Synonyms CAS number
LaAlO3 lanthanum aluminate 71496-78-1
LaB6 lanthanum boride 12008-21-8
LaBr3 lanthanum bromide 13536-79-3
La(CHO2)3 lanthanum formate 2081-11-0
LaC2 lanthanum carbide 12071-15-7
LaCl3 lanthanum chloride 10099-58-8
LaCl3•3H2O lanthanum chloride trihydrate 35564-84-2
LaCl3•7H2O lanthanum chloride heptahydrate 10025-84-0
LaF3 lanthanum fluoride 13709-38-1
LaH3 lanthanum hydride 13864-01-2
LaI3 lanthanum iodide 13813-22-4
LaN lanthanum nitride 25764-10-7
LaNbO4 lanthanum niobate 12031-17-3
LaSi2 lanthanum silicide 12056-90-5
LaVO4 lanthanum vanadate 13939-40-7
La2O3 lanthanum oxide 1312-81-8
La2S3 lanthanum sulfide 12031-49-1
LiAlH4 lithium tetrahydridoaluminate 16853-85-3
LiAlO2 lithium aluminate 12003-67-7
LiBF4 lithium tetrafluoroborate 14283-07-9
LiBH4 lithium borohydride 16949-15-8
LiBO2 lithium metaborate 13453-69-5
LiBr lithium bromide 7550-35-8
LiCHO2 lithium formate 556-63-8
LiCH3O lithium methoxide 865-34-9
LiC7H5O2 lithium benzoate 553-54-8
LiCl lithium chloride 7447-41-8
LiCl•H2O lithium chloride monohydrate 16712-20-2
LiClO4 lithium perchlorate 7791-03-9
LiF lithium fluoride 7789-24-4
LiH lithium hydride 7580-67-8
LiI lithium iodide 10377-51-2
LiI•3H2O lithium iodide trihydrate 7790-22-9
LiN(C3H7)2 lithium diisopropylamide 4111-54-0
LiNH2 lithium amide 7782-89-0
LiNO3 lithium nitrate 7790-69-4
LiN3 lithium azide 19597-69-4
LiNbO3 lithium niobate 12031-63-9
LiOH lithium hydroxide 1310-65-2
LiO2 lithium superoxide 12136-56-0
LiPF6 lithium hexafluorophosphate 21324-40-3
LiPH2O4 lithium dihydrogenphosphate 13453-80-0
LiReO4 lithium perrhenate 13768-48-4
LiTaO3 lithium tantalate 12031-66-2
LiVO3 lithium metavanadate 15060-59-0
Li2B4O7 lithium borate 12007-60-2
Li2CO3 lithium carbonate 554-13-2
Li2MoO4 lithium molybdate 13568-40-6
Li2O lithium oxide 12057-24-8
Li2O2 lithium peroxide 12031-80-0
Li2S lithium sulfide 12136-58-2
Li2SO4 lithium sulfate 10377-48-7
Li2Se lithium selenide 12136-60-6
Li2SiO3 lithium metasilicate 10102-24-6
Li2Te lithium telluride 12136-59-3
Li2TiO3 lithium titanate 12031-82-2
Li2ZrO3 lithium zirconate 51222-70-9
Li3AlF6 lithium hexafluoroaluminate 13821-20-0
Li3AsO4 lithium arsenate 13478-14-3
Li3C6H5O7 lithium citrate 919-16-4
Li3ClO4 lithium perchlorate 7791-03-9
Li3N lithium nitride 26134-62-3
Li3PO4 lithium phosphate 10377-52-3
Li3Sb lithium antimonide 12057-30-6
LuB4 lutetium boride 12688-52-7
LuBr3 lutetium bromide 14456-53-2
LuCl3 lutetium chloride 10099-66-8
LuF3 lutetium fluoride 13760-81-1
LuI3 lutetium iodide 13813-45-1
LuN lutetium nitride 12125-25-6
Lu(NO3)3 lutetium nitrate 36549-50-5
Lu2O3 lutetium oxide 12032-20-1
Lu2S3 lutetium sulfide 12163-20-1
Lu2Te3 lutetium telluride 12163-22-3

Formula Synonyms CAS number
MgBr2 magnesium bromide 7789-48-2
MgBr2•6H2O magnesium bromide hexahydrate 13446-53-2
MgCO3 magnesium carbonate 546-93-0
Mg(C2H2O2)2 magnesium succinate 556-32-1
MgC3H9O6P magnesium glycerophosphate 927-20-8
MgC36H70O4 magnesium stearate 557-04-0
Mg(ClO4)2 magnesium perchlorate 10034-81-8
MgCl2 magnesium chloride 7786-30-3
MgF2 magnesium fluoride 7783-40-6
MgH2 magnesium hydride 7693-27-8
MgI2 magnesium iodide 10377-58-9
Mg(NO3)2 magnesium nitrate 10377-60-3
MgO magnesium oxide 1309-48-4
Mg(OH)2 magnesium hydroxide 1309-42-8
MgO2 magnesium peroxide 1335-26-8
MgS magnesium sulfide 12032-36-9
MgSO4 magnesium sulfate 7487-88-9
MgSe magnesium selenide 1313-04-8
MgSiO3 magnesium silicite 14654-06-9
Mg(TcO4)2 magnesium technetate 71683-38-0
MgTe magnesium telluride 12032-44-9
MgTiO3 magnesium titanate 12032-30-3
Mg2Si magnesium silicide 22831-39-6
Mg3(AsO4)2 magnesium arsenate 10103-50-1
Mg3N2 magnesium nitride 12057-71-5
Mg3Sb2 magnesium antimonide 12057-75-9
MnBr2 manganese(II) bromide 13446-03-2
Mn(C2H3O2)2 manganese(II) acetate 638-38-0
MnCO3 manganese(II) carbonate 598-62-9
MnCl2 manganese(II) chloride 7773-01-5
MnCl2•4H2O manganese(II) chloride tetrahydrate 13446-34-9
MnCl3 manganese(III) chloride 14690-66-5
MnF2 manganese(II) fluoride 7782-64-1
MnF3 manganese(III) fluoride 7783-53-1
MnF4 manganese(IV) fluoride 15195-58-1
MnI2 manganese(II) iodide 7790-33-2
MnI2•4H2O manganese(II) iodide tetrahydrate 98716-23-5
Mn(NO3)2 manganese(II) nitrate 10377-66-9
MnO manganese(II) oxide 1344-43-0
MnO2 manganese(IV) oxide 1313-13-9
MnS manganese(II) sulfide 18820-29-6
MnSO4 manganese(II) sulfate 10034-96-5
MnSb manganese(III) antimonide 12032-82-5
MnSe manganese(II) selenide 1313-22-0
MnSe2 manganese(IV) selenide 12299-98-8
MnTe manganese(II) telluride 12032-88-1
MnTe2 manganese(IV) telluride 12032-89-2
Mn2O3 manganese(III) oxide 1317-34-6
Mn2O7 manganese(VII) oxide 12057-92-0
Mn3O4 manganese(II,III) oxide 1317-35-7
Mn3(PO4)2 manganese(II) phosphate 14154-09-7
MoBr2 molybdenum(II) bromide 13446-56-5
MoBr3 molybdenum(III) bromide 13446-57-6
MoBr4 molybdenum(IV) bromide 13520-59-7
MoC6O6 molybdenum(III) hexacarbonyl 13939-06-5
MoCl2 molybdenum(II) chloride 13478-17-6
MoCl3 molybdenum(III) chloride 13478-18-7
MoCl4 molybdenum(IV) chloride 13478-18-7
MoCl5 molybdenum(V) chloride 10241-05-1
MoCl6 molybdenum(VI) chloride 13706-19-9
MoF3 molybdenum(III) fluoride 20193-58-2
MoF4 molybdenum(IV) fluoride 23412-45-5
MoF5 molybdenum(V) fluoride 13819-84-6
MoF6 molybdenum(VI) fluoride 7783-77-9
MoI2 molybdenum(II) iodide 14055-74-4
MoI3 molybdenum(III) iodide 14055-75-5
MoI4 molybdenum(IV) iodide 14055-76-6
MoN molybdenum(III) nitride 12033-19-1
MoO molybdenum(II) oxide 12058-07-0
MoO2 molybdenum(IV) oxide 18868-43-4
MoO3 molybdenum(VI) oxide 1313-27-5
MoS2 molybdenum(IV) sulfide 1317-33-5
MoSe2 molybdenum(IV) selenide 12058-18-3
MoSi2 molybdenum(IV) silicide 12136-78-6
MoTe2 molybdenum(IV) telluride 12058-20-7
Mo2O3 molybdenum(III) oxide 1313-29-7
Mo2O5 molybdenum(V) oxide 12163-73-4
Mo2S3 molybdenum(III) sulfide 12033-33-9

Formula Synonyms CAS number
NBr3 nitrogen tribromide 15162-90-0
NCl3 nitrogen trichloride 10025-85-1
NF3 nitrogen trifluoride 7783-54-2
NH3 ammonia 7664-41-7
NH4Cl ammonium chloride 12125-02-9
NH4HCO3 ammonium bicarbonate 1066-33-7
NH4NO3 ammonium nitrate 6484-52-2
NH4OH ammonium hydroxide 1336-21-6
(NH4)2SO4 ammonium sulfate 7783-20-2
NI3 nitrogen triiodide 13444-85-4
NO nitrogen monoxide 10102-43-9
NO2 nitrogen dioxide 10102-44-0
N2F2 dinitrogen difluoride 13812-43-6
N2F4 dinitrogen tetrafluoride 10036-47-2
N2O dinitrogen monoxide 10024-97-2
N2O3 dinitrogen trioxide 10544-73-7
N2O4 dinitrogen tetroxide 10544-72-6
N2O5 dinitrogen pentoxide 10102-03-1
NaAlCl4 sodium tetracholoraluminate 7784-16-9
NaAlF4 sodium tetrafluoroaluminate 13821-15-3
NaAlO2 sodium aluminate 1302-42-7
NaAsO2 sodium arsenite 7784-46-5
NaB(C6H5)4 sodium tetraphenylborate 143-66-8
NaBF4 sodium borofluoride 13755-29-8
NaBH3CN sodium cyanoborohydride 25895-60-7
NaBH4 sodium borohydride 16940-66-2
NaBiO3 sodium bismuthate 12232-99-4
NaBr sodium bromide 7647-15-6
NaBrO3 sodium bromate 7789-38-0
NaCN sodium cyanide 143-33-9
NaCNO sodium cyanate 917-61-3
NaCHO2 sodium formate 141-53-7
NaCH3O sodium methoxide 124-41-4
NaCH3SO3 sodium formaldehydesulfoxylate 149-44-0
NaC2H3FO2 sodium monofluoroacetate 62-74-8
NaC2H3O2 sodium acetate 127-09-3
NaC2H3SO3 sodium ethenesulfonate 3039-83-6
NaC2H5O sodium ethoxide 141-52-6
NaC3H3O2 sodium acrylate 7446-81-3
NaC3H5O2 sodium propionate 137-40-6
NaC3H5O3 sodium lactate 312-85-6
NaC3H6NO3 sodium hydromethylglycinate 70161-44-3
NaC4H7O4 sodium diacetate 126-96-5
NaC6H6SO3 sodium benzosulfonate 515-42-4
NaC7H5O2 sodium benzoate 532-32-1
NaC7H8SO3 sodium tosylate 657-84-1
NaC8H7O2 sodium phenylacetate 114-70-5
NaC8H9SO3 sodium xylenesulfonate 1300-72-7
NaC8H15O2 sodium caprylate 1984-06-1
NaC18H36O2 sodium stearate 822-16-2
NaCl sodium chloride 7647-14-5
NaClO sodium hypochlorite 7681-52-9
NaClO2 sodium chlorite 7758-19-2
NaClO3 sodium chlorate 7775-09-9
NaClO4 sodium perchlorate 7601-89-0
NaF sodium fluoride 7681-49-4
NaH sodium hydride 7646-69-7
NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate 144-55-8
NaHF2 sodium bifluoride 1333-83-1
NaHS sodium bisulfide 16721-80-5
NaHSO3 sodium bisulfite 7631-90-5
NaI sodium iodide 7681-82-5
NaIO3 sodium iodate 7681-55-2
NaIO4 sodium periodate 7790-28-5
NaNH2 sodium amide 7782-92-5
NaNO2 sodium nitrite 7632-00-0
NaNO3 sodium nitrate 7631-99-4
NaN3 sodium azide 26628-22-8
NaNbO3 sodium niobate 12034-09-2
NaOH sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2
NaO2 sodium superoxide 12034-12-7
NaPF6 sodium hexafluorophosphate 21324-39-0
NaPO3 sodium polyphosphate 50813-16-6
(NaPO3)6 sodium hexametaphosphate 10124-56-8
NaReO4 sodium perrhenate 13472-33-8
NaSCN sodium thiocyanate 540-72-7
NaSbO3 sodium antimonate 15432-85-6
NaVO3 sodium metavanadate 13718-26-8
Na2B4O7 sodium tetraborate 1330-43-4
Na2CO3 sodium carbonate 497-19-8
Na2C3H2O4 sodium malonate 141-95-7
Na2C4H6O6 sodium tartrate 6106-24-7
Na2C6H8O4 sodium adipate 7486-38-6
Na2CrO4 sodium chromate 7775-11-3
Na2FPO3 sodium fluorophosphate 10163-15-2
Na2H2S2O6 sodium dithionate 7631-94-9
Na2MoO4 sodium molybdate 7631-95-0
Na2O sodium oxide 1313-59-3
Na2O2 sodium peroxide 1313-60-6
Na2S sodium sulfide 1313-82-2
Na2S•5H2O sodium sulfide pentahydrate 1313-83-3
Na2S•9H2O sodium sulfide nonahydrate 1313-84-4
Na2SO3 sodium sulfite 7757-83-7
Na2SO4 sodium sulfate 7757-82-6
Na2S2O3 sodium thiosulfate 7772-98-7
Na2S2O4 sodium dithionite 7775-14-6
Na2S2O5 sodium metabisulfite 7681-57-4
Na2S2O7 sodium pyrosulfate 13870-29-6
Na2S2O8 sodium persulfate 7775-27-1
Na2Se sodium selenide 1313-85-5
Na2SeO3 sodium selenite 10102-18-8
Na2SeO4 sodium selenate 13410-01-0
Na2SiF6 sodium fluorosilicate 16893-85-9
Na2SiO3 sodium silicate 6834-92-0
Na2SnO3 sodium stannate 12058-66-1
Na2Te sodium telluride 12034-41-2
Na2Ti3O7 sodium metatitanate 12034-36-5
Na2WO4 sodium tungstate 13472-45-2
Na3AlF6 sodium hexafluoroaluminate 13775-53-6
Na3Co(NO2)6 sodium cobaltnitrite 14649-73-1
Na3PO4 sodium phosphate 7601-54-9
Na3Sb sodium antimonide 12058-86-5
Na3SbS4 sodium thioantimonide 13776-84-6
Na3VO4 sodium vanadate 13721-39-6
Na4C4H4O6 sodium tartrate 868-18-8
Na4FeC6N6 sodium ferrocyanide 13601-19-9
Na4P2O7 sodium pyrophosphate 7722-88-5
Na4SiO4 sodium orthosilicate 1344-09-8
Na5P3O10 sodium tripolyphosphate 7758-29-4
NbBr3 niobium(III) bromide 15752-41-7
NbBr4 niobium(IV) bromide 13842-75-6
NbBr5 niobium(V) bromide 13478-45-0
NbC niobium(IV) carbide 12069-94-2
NbCl3 niobium(III) chloride 13569-59-0
NbCl4 niobium(IV) chloride 13569-70-5
NbCl5 niobium(V) chloride 10026-12-7
NbF3 niobium(III) fluoride 15195-53-6
NbF4 niobium(IV) fluoride 13842-88-1
(NbF5)4 niobium(V) fluoride 7783-68-8
NbI3 niobium(III) iodide 13870-20-7
NbI4 niobium(IV) iodide 13870-21-8
NbI5 niobium(V) iodide 13779-92-5
NbN niobium(III) nitride 24621-21-4
NbO niobium(II) oxide 12034-57-0
NbO2 niobium(IV) oxide 12034-59-2
NbS2 niobium(IV) sulfide 12136-97-9
NbSe2 niobium(IV) selenide 12034-77-4
NbSe3 niobium(VI) selenide 12034-78-5
NbTe2 niobium(IV) telluride 12034-83-2
Nb2O5 niobium(V) oxide 1313-96-8
NdBr2 neodymium(II) bromide 59325-04-1
NdBr3 neodymium(III) bromide 13536-80-6
Nd(CHO2)3 neodymium(III) formate 3252-53-7
NdCl2 neodymium(II) chloride 25469-93-6
NdCl3 neodymium(III) chloride 10024-93-8
NdF3 neodymium(III) fluoride 13709-42-7
NdGaO3 neodymium(III) gallate 12207-22-6
NdI2 neodymium(II) iodide 61393-36-0
NdI3 neodymium(III) iodide 13813-24-6
NdN neodymium(III) nitride 25764-11-8
Nd(NO3)3 neodymium(III) nitrate 10045-95-1
NdS neodymium(II) sulfide 12035-22-2
NdSe neodymium(II) selenide 12035-24-4
NdTe neodymium(II) telluride 12060-53-6
NdVO4 neodymium(III) vanadate 13721-46-5
Nd2O3 neodymium(III) oxide 1313-97-9
Nd2S3 neodymium(III) sulfide 12035-32-4
Nd2Te3 neodymium(III) telluride 12035-35-7
NiAs nickel(II) arsenide 27016-75-7
Ni(BF4)2 nickel(II) fluoborate 14708-14-6
NiBr2 nickel(II) bromide 13462-88-9
Ni(CN)2 nickel(II) cyanide 557-19-7
NiCO3 nickel(II) carbonate 3333-67-3
Ni(CO)4 nickel(II) carbonyl 13463-39-3
Ni(C2H3O2)2 nickel(II) acetate 373-02-4
NiCl2 nickel(II) chloride 7718-54-9
NiCl2•6H2O nickel(II) chloride hexahydrate 7791-20-0
NiCrO4 nickel(II) chromate 14721-18-7
NiF2 nickel(II) fluoride 10028-18-9
NiI2 nickel(II) iodide 13462-90-3
Ni(NO3)2 nickel(II) nitrate 13138-45-9
NiO nickel(II) oxide 1313-99-1
Ni(OH)2 nickel(II) hydroxide 12054-48-7
NiS nickel(II) sulfide 16812-54-7
NiSO4 nickel(II) sulfate 7786-81-4
NiSb nickel(II) antimonide 12035-52-8
NiSe nickel(II) selenide 1314-05-2
NiSnO3 nickel(II) stannate 12035-38-0
NiTe nickel(II) telluride 12142-88-0
NiTiO3 nickel(II) titanate 12035-39-1
NiWO4 nickel(II) tungstate 14177-51-6
NiZrO3 nickel(II) zirconate 70692-93-2
Ni2B nickel(III) boride 12007-01-1
Ni2O3 nickel(III) oxide 1314-06-3
Ni3B nickel(II) boride 12007-02-2
Ni3S2 nickel(III) sulfide 12035-72-2
NpBr3 neptunium(III) bromide 20730-39-6
NpBr4 neptunium(IV) bromide 15608-32-9
NpCl3 neptunium(III) chloride 20737-06-8
NpCl4 neptunium(IV) chloride 15597-84-9
NpF3 neptunium(III) fluoride 16852-37-2
NpF4 neptunium(IV) fluoride 14529-88-5
NpF5 neptunium(V) fluoride 31479-18-2
NpF6 neptunium(VI) fluoride 14521-05-2
NpI3 neptunium(III) iodide 37501-52-3
NpN neptunium(III) nitride 12058-90-1
NpO neptunium(II) oxide 12202-03-8
NpO2 neptunium(IV) oxide 12035-79-9
Np2O5 neptunium(V) oxide 121433-01-0
Np2S3 neptunium(III) sulfide 12281-24-2

Formula Synonyms CAS number
OF2 oxygen(II) fluoride 7783-41-7
O2F2 oxygen(I) fluoride 7783-44-0
OsBr3 osmium(III) bromide 59201-51-3
OsBr4 osmium(IV) bromide 59201-52-4
Os(C5H5)2 osmium(II) cyclopentadienide 1273-81-0
OsCl3 osmium(III) chloride 13444-93-4
OsCl3•3H2O osmium(III) chloride trihydrate 114268-63-2
OsCl4 osmium(IV) chloride 10026-01-4
OsCl5 osmium(V) chloride 71328-74-0
OsF4 osmium(IV) fluoride 54120-05-7
(OsF5)4 osmium(V) fluoride 31576-40-6
OsF6 osmium(VI) fluoride 13768-38-2
OsF7 osmium(VII) fluoride 16949-69-2
OsF8 osmium(VIII) fluoride 18432-81-0
OsI osmium(I) iodide 76758-38-8
OsI2 osmium(II) iodide 59201-57-9
OsI3 osmium(III) iodide 59201-58-0
OsO2 osmium(IV) oxide 12036-02-1
OsO4 osmium(VIII) oxide 20816-12-0
OsS2 osmium(IV) sulfide 12137-61-0
OsSe2 osmium(IV) selenide 12310-19-9
OsTe2 osmium(IV) telluride 12166-21-1

Formula Synonyms CAS number
PBr3 phosphorus tribromide 7789-60-8
PBr5 phosphorus pentabromide 7789-69-7
PCl3 phosphorus trichloride 7719-12-2
PCl5 phosphorus pentachloride 10026-13-8
PF3 phosphorus trifluoride 7783-55-3
PF5 phosphorus pentafluoride 7647-19-0
PH3 phosphorus trihydride 7803-51-2
PI3 phosphorus triiodide 13455-01-1
POBr3 phosphorus oxybromide 7789-59-5
POCl3 phosphorus oxychloride 10025-87-3
PSCl3 phosphorus thiochloride 3982-91-0
P2Br4 phosphorus tetrabromide 24856-99-3
P2Cl4 phosphorus tetrachloride 13497-91-1
P2F4 phosphorus tetrafluoride 13824-74-3
P2H4 phosphorus tetrahydride 13445-50-6
P2I4 phosphorus tetraiodide 13455-00-0
P2O5 phosphorus pentoxide 1314-56-3
P4O6 phosphorus hexoxide 12440-00-5
P4O10 phosphorus decaoxide 16752-60-6
P4S3 phosphorus trisulfide 1314-51-8
P4S4 phosphorus tetrasulfide 39350-99-7
P4S6 phosphorus hexasulfide 131105-01-6
P4S7 phosphorus heptasulfide 15578-16-2
P4S9 phosphorus nonasulfide 25070-46-6
P4S10 phosphorus pentasulfide 1314-80-3
P4Se3 phosphorus triselenide 1314-86-9
PaBr4 protactinium(IV) bromide 13867-42-0
PaBr5 protactinium(V) bromide 15608-38-5
PaCl4 protactinium(IV) chloride 13867-41-9
PaCl5 protactinium(V) chloride 13760-41-3
PaF4 protactinium(IV) fluoride 13842-89-2
PaF5 protactinium(V) fluoride 15192-29-7
PaI3 protactinium(III) iodide 19415-71-5
PaI4 protactinium(IV) iodide 15513-96-9
PaI5 protactinium(V) iodide 17497-66-4
PaO protactinium(II) oxide 60936-60-9
PaO2 protactinium(IV) oxide 12036-03-2
Pa2O5 protactinium(V) oxide 12036-75-8
Pb(AsO4)2 lead(II) arsenite 10031-13-7
Pb(BF4)2 lead(II) fluoroborate 13814-96-5
PbBr2 lead(II) bromide 10031-22-8
PbBr4 lead(IV) bromide 13701-91-2
Pb(CHO2)2 lead(II) formate 811-54-1
Pb(CN)2 lead(II) cyanide 592-05-2
PbCO3 lead(II) carbonate 598-63-0
Pb(C2H3O2)2 lead(II) acetate 301-04-2
Pb(C2H3O2)2 lead(III) acetate 546-67-8
PbC2O4 lead(II) oxalate 814-93-7
Pb(C3H5O2)2 lead(II) lactate 18917-82-3
Pb(C4H7O2)2 lead(II) butanoate 819-73-8
Pb(C18H33O2)2 lead(II) oleate 1120-46-3
Pb(C18H35O2)2 lead(II) stearate 1072-35-1
Pb(ClO3)2 lead(II) chlorate 10294-47-0
Pb(ClO4)2 lead(II) perchlorate 13453-62-8
PbCl2 lead(II) chloride 7758-95-4
PbCl4 lead(IV) chloride 13463-30-4
PbCrO4 lead(II) chromate 7758-97-6
PbF2 lead(II) fluoride 7783-46-2
PbF4 lead(IV) fluoride 7783-59-7
Pb(H2PO2)2 lead(II) hypophosphite 10294-58-3
PbH4 lead(IV) hydride 15875-18-0
Pb(IO3)2 lead(II) iodate 25659-31-8
PbI2 lead(II) iodide 10101-63-0
PbMoO4 lead(II) molybdate 10190-55-3
Pb(NO3)2 lead(II) nitrate 10099-74-8
Pb(NbO3)2 lead(II) niobate 12034-88-7
PbO lead(II) oxide 1317-36-8
Pb(OH)2 lead(II) hydroxide 19783-14-3
PbO2 lead(IV) oxide 1309-60-0
PbS lead(II) sulfide 1314-87-0
Pb(SCN)2 lead(II) thiocyanate 592-87-0
PbSO3 lead(II) sulfite 7446-10-8
PbSO4 lead(II) sulfate 7446-14-2
PbSe lead(II) selenide 12069-00-0
PbSeO3 lead(II) selenite 7488-51-9
PbSeO4 lead(II) selenate 7446-15-3
PbSiO3 lead(II) metasilicate 10099-76-0
PbTa2O6 lead(II) tantalate 12065-68-8
PbTe lead(II) telluride 1314-91-6
PbTiO4 lead(II) titanate 12060-00-3
Pb(VO3)2 lead(II) metavandate 10099-79-3
PbWO4 lead(II) tungstate 7759-01-5
PbZrO3 lead(II) zirconate 12060-01-4
Pb2O3 lead(II,IV) oxide 1314-27-8
Pb2SiO4 lead(II) orthosilicate 13566-17-1
Pb3(AsO4)2 lead(II) arsenate 3687-31-8
Pb3(N3)2 lead(II) azide 13424-46-9
Pb3O4 lead(II,II,IV) oxide 1314-41-6
Pb3(PO4)2 lead(II) phosphate 7446-27-7
Pb3(SbO4)2 lead(II) antimonate 13510-89-9
PdBr2 palladium(II) bromide 13444-94-5
Pd(CN)2 palladium(II) cyanide 2035-66-7
Pd(C2F3O2)2 palladium(II) trifluoroacetate 42196-31-6
Pd(C2H3O2)2 palladium(II) acetate 3375-31-3
PdCl2 palladium(II) chloride 7647-10-1
PdF2 palladium(II) fluoride 13444-96-7
PdF4 palladium(IV) fluoride 13709-55-2
PdI2 palladium(II) iodide 7790-38-7
Pd(NO3)2 palladium(II) nitrate 10102-05-3
PdO palladium(II) oxide 1314-08-5
PdO2 palladium(IV) oxide 12036-04-3
PdS palladium(II) sulfide 12125-22-3
PdSO4 palladium(II) sulfate 13566-03-5
PdS2 palladium(IV) sulfide 12137-75-6
PdSe palladium(II) selenide 12137-76-7
PdSe2 palladium(IV) selenide 60672-19-7
PdTe palladium(II) telluride 12037-94-4
PdTe2 palladium(IV) telluride 12037-95-5
PmBr3 promethium(III) bromide 14325-78-1
PmCl3 promethium(III) chloride 13779-10-7
Pm2O3 promethium(III) oxide 12036-32-7
PrBr3 praseodymium(III) bromide 13536-53-3
Pr(CHO2)3 praseodymium(III) formate 3252-52-6
PrCl3 praseodymium(III) chloride 10361-79-2
PrF2 praseodymium(II) fluoride 59513-11-0
PrF3 praseodymium(III) fluoride 13709-46-1
PrF4 praseodymium(IV) fluoride 15192-24-2
PrI2 praseodymium(II) iodide 65530-47-4
PrI3 praseodymium(III) iodide 13813-23-5
PrN praseodymium(III) nitride 25764-09-4
PrO2 praseodymium(IV) oxide 12036-05-4
PrS praseodymium(II) sulfide 12038-06-1
PrSe praseodymium(II) selenide 12038-08-3
PrTe praseodymium(II) telluride 12125-60-9
Pr2O3 praseodymium(III) oxide 12036-32-7
Pr2S3 praseodymium(III) sulfide 12038-13-0
Pr2Te3 praseodymium(III) telluride 12038-12-9
PtBr2 platinum(II) bromide 13455-12-4
PtBr3 platinum(III) bromide 25985-07-3
PtBr4 platinum(IV) bromide 68938-92-1
Pt(CN)2 platinum(II) cyanide 592-06-3
PtCl2 platinum(II) chloride 10025-65-7
PtCl3 platinum(III) chloride 25909-39-1
PtCl4 platinum(IV) chloride 13454-96-1
PtCl4•5H2O platinum(IV) chloride pentaahydrate 15869-63-3
PtF4 platinum(IV) fluoride 13455-15-7
PtF5 platinum(V) fluoride 13782-84-8
PtF6 platinum(VI) fluoride 13693-05-5
PtI2 platinum(II) iodide 7790-39-8
PtI3 platinum(III) iodide 68220-29-1
PtI4 platinum(IV) iodide 7790-46-7
PtO platinum(II) oxide 12035-82-4
PtO2 platinum(IV) oxide 1314-15-4
PtO2•H2O platinum(IV) oxide monohydrate 12137-21-2
PtS platinum(II) sulfide 12038-20-9
PtS2 platinum(IV) sulfide 12038-21-0
PtSe2 platinum(IV) selenide 12038-26-5
PtTe platinum(II) telluride 12166-00-6
PtTe2 platinum(IV) telluride 12038-29-8
Pt6Cl12 platinum(II) chloride 10025-65-7
PuBr3 plutonium(III) bromide 15752-46-2
PuCl3 plutonium(III) chloride 13569-62-5
PuF3 plutonium(III) fluoride 13842-83-6
PuF4 plutonium(IV) fluoride 13709-56-3
PuF6 plutonium(VI) fluoride 13693-06-6
PuH2 plutonium(II) hydride 17336-52-6
PuH3 plutonium(III) hydride 15457-77-9
PuI3 plutonium(III) iodide 13813-46-2
PuN plutonium(III) nitride 12033-54-4
PuO plutonium(II) oxide 12035-83-5
PuO2 plutonium(IV) oxide 12059-95-9
PuS plutonium(II) sulfide 12038-51-6
PuS2 plutonium(IV) sulfide 12038-56-1
PuSe plutonium(II) selenide 23299-88-9
Pu2O3 plutonium(III) oxide 12036-34-9

Formula Synonyms CAS number
RaBr2 radium bromide 10031-23-9
RaCO3 radium carbonate 7116-98-5
RaCl2 radium chloride 10025-66-8
RaF2 radium fluoride 20610-49-5
RaI2 radium iodide 20610-52-0
RaNO3 radium nitrate 10213-12-4
RaO radium oxide 12143-02-1
Ra(OH)2 radium hydroxide 98966-86-0
RaSO4 radium sulfate 7446-16-4
RbAlCl4 rubidium tetrachloroaluminate 17992-02-8
RbAlF4 rubidium tetrafluoroaluminate 14484-70-9
RbBr rubidium bromide 7789-39-1
RbC2H3O2 rubidium acetate 563-67-7
RbC5H7O2 rubidium acetylacetonate 66169-93-5
RbCl rubidium chloride 7791-11-9
RbF rubidium fluoride 13446-74-7
RbH rubidium hydride 13446-75-8
RbI rubidium iodide 7790-29-6
RbIO3 rubidium iodate 13446-76-9
RbIO4 rubidium periodate 13465-48-0
RbNO3 rubidium nitrate 13126-12-0
RbOH rubidium hydroxide 1310-82-3
RbO2 rubidium superoxide 12137-25-6
Rb2O rubidium oxide 18088-11-4
Rb2O2 rubidium peroxide 23611-30-5
Rb2S rubidium sulfide 31083-74-6
Rb2Se rubidium selenide 31052-43-4
Rb2Te rubidium telluride 12210-70-7
ReBr3 rhenium(III) bromide 13569-49-8
ReBr4 rhenium(IV) bromide 36753-03-4
ReBr5 rhenium(V) bromide 30937-53-2
ReCl3 rhenium(III) chloride 13569-63-6
ReCl4 rhenium(IV) chloride 13569-71-6
ReCl5 rhenium(V) chloride 13596-35-5
ReCl6 rhenium(VI) chloride 31234-26-1
ReF4 rhenium(IV) fluoride 15192-42-4
ReF5 rhenium(V) fluoride 30937-52-1
ReF6 rhenium(VI) fluoride 10049-17-9
ReF7 rhenium(VII) fluoride 17029-21-9
ReI3 rhenium(III) iodide 15622-42-1
ReI4 rhenium(IV) iodide 59301-47-2
ReO2 rhenium(IV) oxide 12036-09-8
ReO3 rhenium(VI) oxide 1314-28-9
ReS2 rhenium(IV) sulfide 12038-63-0
ReTe2 rhenium(IV) telluride 12067-00-4
Re2O3 rhenium(III) oxide 12060-05-8
Re2O7 rhenium(VII) oxide 1314-68-7
Re2S7 rhenium(VII) sulfide 12038-67-4
RhBr3 rhodium(III) bromide 15608-29-4
RhCl3 rhodium(III) chloride 10049-07-7
RhF3 rhodium(III) fluoride 60804-25-3
RhF4 rhodium(IV) fluoride 60617-65-4
RhF5 rhodium(V) fluoride 41517-05-9
RhF6 rhodium(VI) fluoride 13693-07-7
RhI3 rhodium(III) iodide 15492-38-3
Rh(NO3)3 rhodium(III) nitrate 13465-43-5
RhO2 rhodium(IV) oxide 12137-27-8
RhS2 rhodium(IV) sulfide 12038-73-2
RhSe2 rhodium(IV) selenide 12038-76-5
RhTe2 rhodium(IV) telluride 12038-80-1
Rh2O3 rhodium(III) oxide 12036-35-0
Rh2(SO4)3 rhodium(III) sulfate 10489-46-0
Rh2S3 rhodium(III) sulfide 12067-06-0
Rh2S7 rhodium(VII) sulfide 12038-67-4
RuBr2 ruthenium(II) bromide 59201-36-4
RuBr3 ruthenium(III) bromide 14014-88-1
RuC15H21O3 ruthenium(III) acetylacetonate 22594-69-0
RuCl2 ruthenium(II) chloride 13465-51-5
RuCl3 ruthenium(III) chloride 10049-08-8
RuF3 ruthenium(III) fluoride 51621-05-7
RuF4 ruthenium(IV) fluoride 71500-16-8
RuF5 ruthenium(V) fluoride 14521-18-7
RuF6 ruthenium(VI) fluoride 13693-08-8
RuI2 ruthenium(II) iodide 59201-41-1
RuI3 ruthenium(III) iodide 13896-65-6
RuO2 ruthenium(IV) oxide 12036-10-1
RuO4 ruthenium(VI) oxide 20427-56-9
RuS2 ruthenium(IV) sulfide 12166-20-0
RuSe2 ruthenium(IV) selenide 12166-21-1
RuTe2 ruthenium(IV) telluride 12166-21-1

Formula Synonyms CAS number
SCl2 sulfur dichloride 10545-99-0
SCl4 sulfur tetrachloride 13451-08-6
SF2 sulfur difluoride 13814-25-0
SF4 sulfur tetrafluoride 7783-60-0
SF6 sulfur hexafluoride 2551-62-4
SO sulfur monoxide 13827-32-2
SO2 sulfur dioxide 7446-09-5
SO3 sulfur trioxide 7446-11-9
S2Br2 disulfur dibromide 13172-31-1
S2Cl2 disulfur dichloride 10025-67-9
S2F4 disulfur tetrafluoride 10546-01-7
S2F10 disulfur decafluoride 5714-22-7
S2I2 disulfur diiodide 53280-15-2
S2O disulfur monoxide 20901-21-7
S4N4 tetrasulfur tetranitride 28950-34-7
SbBr3 antimony tribromide 7789-61-9
SbCl2F3 antimony dichlorotrifluoride 7791-16-4
SbCl3 antimony trichloride 10025-91-9
SbCl5 antimony pentachloride 7647-18-9
SbF3 antimony trifluoride 7783-56-4
SbF5 antimony pentafluoride 7783-70-2
SbH3 antimony trihydride 7803-52-3
SbI3 antimony triiodide 7790-44-5
SbN antimony trinitride 12333-57-2
SbNbO4 antimony orthoniobate 35600-19-2
Sb2O3 antimony trioxide 1309-64-4
Sb2O4 antimony tetroxide 1332-81-6
Sb2O5 antimony pentoxide 1314-60-9
Sb2(SO4)3 antimony trisulfate 7446-32-4
Sb2S3 antimony trisulfide 1345-04-6
Sb2S5 antimony pentasulfide 1315-04-4
Sb2Se3 antimony triselenide 1315-05-5
Sb2Te3 antimony tritelluride 1327-50-0
ScBr3 scandium(III) bromide 13465-59-3
Sc(CF3SO3)3 scandium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate 144026-79-9
Sc(CHO2)3 scandium(III) formate 23405-01-8
ScCl3 scandium(III) chloride 10361-84-9
ScF3 scandium(III) fluoride 13709-47-2
ScH2 scandium(II) hydride 13598-30-6
ScH3 scandium(III) hydride 43238-07-9
ScI3 scandium(III) iodide 14474-33-0
Sc(NO3)3 scandium(III) nitrate 13465-60-6
Sc2O3 scandium(III) oxide 12060-08-1
Sc2S3 scandium(III) sulfide 12166-29-9
Sc2Te3 scandium(III) telluride 12166-44-8
SeBr selenium bromide 17655-37-7
SeBr2 selenium dibromide 22987-45-7
SeBr4 selenium tetrabromide 7789-65-3
SeCl2 selenium dichloride 14457-70-6
SeCl4 selenium tetrachloride 10026-03-6
SeF2 selenium difluoride 70421-43-1
SeF4 selenium tetrafluoride 13465-66-2
SeF6 selenium hexafluoride 7783-79-1
SeOBr2 selenium oxybromide 7789-51-7
SeOCl2 selenium oxychloride 7791-23-3
SeO2 selenium dioxide 7446-08-4
SeO2F2 selenium dioxydifluoride 14984-81-7
SeO3 selenium trioxide 13768-86-0
SeS selenium monosulfide 7446-34-6
SeS2 selenium disulfide 7488-56-4
Se2S6 selenium hexasulfide 75926-26-0
SiB4 silicon boride 12007-81-7
SiBr4 silicon bromide 7789-66-4
SiC silicon carbide 409-21-2
SiCl4 silicon chloride 10026-04-7
SiF4 silicon fluoride 7783-61-1
SiH4 silicon hydride 7803-62-5
SiI4 silicon iodide 13465-84-4
SiO2 silicon dioxide 14808-60-7
SiS2 silicon sulfide 13759-10-9
Si3N4 silicon nitride 12033-89-5
SmBr2 samarium(II) bromide 50801-97-3
SmBr3 samarium(III) bromide 13759-87-0
Sm(CHO2)3 samarium(III) formate 3252-54-8
SmCl2 samarium(II) chloride 13874-75-4
SmCl3 samarium(III) chloride 10361-82-7
SmF2 samarium(II) fluoride 15192-17-3
SmF3 samarium(III) fluoride 13765-24-7
SmI2 samarium(II) iodide 32248-43-4
SmI3 samarium(III) iodide 13813-25-7
Sm2O3 samarium(III) oxide 12060-58-1
Sm2S3 samarium(III) sulfide 12067-22-0
Sm2Se3 samarium(III) selenide 12039-56-4
Sm2Te3 samarium(III) telluride 12040-00-5
Sn(BF4)2 tin(II) fluoroborate 13814-97-6
SnBr2 tin(II) bromide 10031-24-0
SnBr4 tin(IV) bromide 7789-67-5
SnC2O4 tin(II) oxalate 814-94-8
SnCl2 tin(II) chloride 7772-99-8
SnCl4 tin(IV) chloride 7646-78-8
SnF2 tin(II) fluoride 7783-47-3
SnF4 tin(IV) fluoride 7783-62-2
SnH4 tin(IV) hydride 2406-52-2
SnI2 tin(II) iodide 10294-70-9
SnI4 tin(IV) iodide 7790-47-8
SnO tin(II) oxide 21651-19-4
SnO2 tin(IV) oxide 18282-10-5
SnS tin(II) sulfide 1314-95-0
SnSO4 tin(II) sulfate 7488-55-3
SnS2 tin(IV) sulfide 1315-01-1
SnSe tin(II) selenide 1315-06-6
SnSe2 tin(IV) selenide 20770-09-6
SnTe tin(II) telluride 12040-02-7
SrAlO3 strontium aluminate 12004-37-4
SrB2O4 strontium metaborate 13703-84-9
SrB6 strontium boride 12046-54-7
SrBr2 strontium bromide 10476-81-0
SrBr2•6H2O strontium bromide hexahydrate 7789-53-9
Sr(C2H3O2)2 strontium acetate 543-94-2
SrCO3 strontium carbonate 1633-05-2
SrCl2 strontium chloride 10476-85-4
SrCrO4 strontium chromate 7789-06-2
SrF2 strontium fluoride 7783-48-4
SrH2 strontium hydride 13598-33-9
SrI2 strontium iodide 10476-86-5
SrMoO4 strontium molybdate 13470-04-7
Sr(NO2)2 strontium nitrite 13470-06-9
Sr(NO3)2 strontium nitrate 10042-76-9
SrO strontium oxide 1314-11-0
Sr(OH)2 strontium hydroxide 18480-07-4
SrO2 strontium peroxide 1314-18-7
SrS strontium sulfide 1314-96-1
SrSCN strontium thiocyanate 18807-10-8
SrSO3 strontium sulfite 13451-02-0
SrS2O6 strontium dithionate 13845-16-4
SrSe strontium selenide 1315-07-7
SrSeO4 strontium selenate 7446-21-1
SrSiO4 strontium silicate 12712-63-9
SrSnO3 strontium stannate 12143-34-9
SrTiO3 strontium titanate 12060-59-2
SrWO4 strontium tungstate 13451-05-3
SrZrO3 strontium zirconate 12036-39-4
Sr3P2 strontium phosphide 12504-16-4

Formula Synonyms CAS number
TaAl3 tantalum(III) aluminide 12004-76-1
TaBr3 tantalum(III) bromide 13842-73-4
TaBr4 tantalum(IV) bromide 13842-76-7
TaBr5 tantalum(V) bromide 13451-11-1
TaC tantalum(IV) carbide 12070-06-3
TaCl3 tantalum(III) chloride 13569-67-0
TaCl4 tantalum(IV) chloride 13569-72-7
TaCl5 tantalum(V) chloride 7721-01-9
TaF3 tantalum(III) fluoride 13814-17-0
TaF5 tantalum(V) fluoride 7783-71-3
TaI4 tantalum(IV) iodide 14693-80-2
TaI5 tantalum(V) iodide 14693-81-3
TaN tantalum(III) nitride 12033-62-4
TaO tantalum(II) oxide 12035-90-4
TaO2 tantalum(IV) oxide 12036-14-5
TaS tantalum(II) sulfide 41203-00-3
TaS2 tantalum(IV) sulfide 12143-72-5
TaSe2 tantalum(IV) selenide 12039-55-3
TaSi2 tantalum(IV) silicide 12039-79-1
TaTe2 tantalum(IV) telluride 12067-66-2
Ta2H tantalum hydride 12026-09-4
Ta2O5 tantalum(V) oxide 1314-61-0
TbBr3 terbium(III) bromide 14456-47-4
Tb(CHO2)3 terbium(III) formate 3252-57-1
TbCl3 terbium(III) chloride 10042-88-3
TbF2 terbium(II) fluoride 107949-15-5
TbF3 terbium(III) fluoride 13708-63-9
TbF4 terbium(IV) fluoride 36781-15-4
TbI3 terbium(III) iodide 13813-40-6
TbN terbium(III) nitride 12033-64-6
TbO2 terbium(IV) oxide 12036-15-6
TbSi2 terbium(IV) silicide 12039-80-4
Tb2O3 terbium(III) oxide 12036-41-8
Tb2S3 terbium(III) sulfide 12138-11-3
Tb2Se3 terbium(III) selenide 12166-48-2
TcBr4 technetium(IV) bromide 74078-05-0
TcCl4 technetium(IV) chloride 14215-13-5
TcCl6 technetium(VI) chloride 31227-43-7
TcF5 technetium(V) fluoride 31052-14-9
TcF6 technetium(VI) fluoride 13842-93-8
TcO2 technetium(IV) oxide 12036-16-7
TcS2 technetium(IV) sulfide 34312-50-0
Tc2O7 technetium(VII) oxide 12165-21-8
TeBr2 tellurium dibromide 7789-54-0
TeBr4 tellurium tetrabromide 10031-27-3
TeCl2 tellurium dichloride 10025-71-5
TeCl4 tellurium tetrachloride 10026-07-0
TeF4 tellurium tetrafluoride 15192-26-4
TeF6 tellurium hexafluoride 7783-80-4
TeI tellurium monoiodide 12600-42-9
TeI4 tellurium tetraiodide 7790-48-9
TeO tellurium monoxide 13451-17-7
TeO2 tellurium dioxide 7446-07-3
TeO3 tellurium trioxide 13451-18-8
TeS2 tellurium disulfide 7446-07-3
ThBr4 thorium(IV) bromide 13453-49-1
ThC thorium(IV) carbide 12012-16-7
Th(CO3)2 thorium(II) carbonate 19024-62-5
ThCl4 thorium(IV) chloride 10026-08-1
ThF3 thorium(III) fluoride 13842-84-7
ThF4 thorium(IV) fluoride 13709-59-6
ThH2 thorium(II) hydride 16689-88-6
ThI2 thorium(II) iodide 13779-95-8
ThI3 thorium(III) iodide 13779-96-9
ThI4 thorium(IV) iodide 7790-49-0
ThN thorium(III) nitride 12033-65-7
Th(NO3)4 thorium(IV) nitrate 13823-29-5
ThO2 thorium(IV) oxide 1314-20-1
ThS thorium(II) sulfide 12039-06-4
ThS2 thorium(IV) sulfide 12138-07-7
ThSe2 thorium(IV) selenide 60763-24-8
ThSiO4 thorium(IV) orthosilicate 14553-44-7
ThSi2 thorium(IV) silicide 12067-54-8
Th2S3 thorium(III) sulfide 12286-35-0
TiBr2 titanium(II) bromide 13783-04-5
TiBr3 titanium(III) bromide 13135-31-4
TiBr4 titanium(IV) bromide 7789-68-6
TiC titanium(IV) carbide 12070-08-5
TiC8H20O4 titanium(IV) ethoxide 3087-36-3
TiCl2 titanium(II) chloride 10049-06-6
TiCl3 titanium(III) chloride 7705-07-9
TiCl4 titanium(IV) chloride 7550-45-0
TiF2 titanium(II) fluoride 13814-20-5
TiF3 titanium(III) fluoride 13470-08-1
TiF4 titanium(IV) fluoride 7783-63-3
TiH2 titanium(II) hydride 7704-98-5
TiI2 titanium(II) iodide 13783-07-8
TiI3 titanium(III) iodide 13783-08-9
TiI4 titanium(IV) iodide 7720-83-4
TiN titanium(III) nitride 25583-20-4
TiO titanium(II) oxide 12137-20-1
TiO2 titanium(IV) oxide 13463-67-7
TiP titanium(III) phosphide 12037-65-9
Ti3(PO4)4 titanium(IV) phosphate 15578-51-5
TiS titanium(II) sulfide 12039-07-5
Ti(SO4)2 titanium(IV) sulfate 18130-44-4
TiS2 titanium(IV) sulfide 12039-13-3
TiSi2 titanium(IV) silicide 12039-83-7
Ti2O3 titanium(III) oxide 1344-54-3
Ti2(SO4)3 titanium(III) sulfate 10343-61-0
Ti2S3 titanium(III) sulfide 12039-16-6
Ti3O5 titanium(III,IV) oxide 12065-65-5
TlBr thallium(I) bromide 7789-40-4
TlCHO2 thallium(I) formate 992-98-3
TlCN thallium(I) cyanide 13453-34-4
TlC2H3O2 thallium(I) acetate 563-68-8
TlC2H5O thallium(I) ethoxide 20398-06-5
TlCl thallium(I) chloride 7791-12-0
TlClO3 thallium(I) chlorate 13453-30-0
TlClO4 thallium(I) perchlorate 13453-40-2
TlCl2 thallium(II) chloride 15230-71-4
TlCl3 thallium(III) chloride 13453-32-2
TlF thallium(I) fluoride 7789-27-7
TlF3 thallium(III) fluoride 7783-57-5
TlI thallium(I) iodide 7790-30-9
TlIO3 thallium(III) iodate 14767-09-0
TlI3 thallium(I) triiodide 60488-29-1
TlNO3 thallium(I) nitrate 10102-45-1
Tl(NO3)3 thallium(III) nitrate 13746-98-0
TlOH thallium(I) hydroxide 12026-06-1
TlPF6 thallium(I) hexafluorophosphate 60969-19-9
Tl2Br4 thallium(I,III) bromide 13453-28-6
Tl2CO3 thallium(I) carbonate 6533-73-9
Tl2C2O4 thallium(I) oxalate 30737-24-7
Tl2MoO4 thallium(I) molybdate 34128-09-1
Tl2O thallium(I) oxide 1314-12-1
Tl2O3 thallium(III) oxide 1314-32-5
Tl2S thallium(I) sulfide 1314-97-2
Tl2SO4 thallium(I) sulfate 7446-18-6
Tl2Se thallium(I) selenide 15572-25-5
Tl2SeO4 thallium(I) selenate 7446-22-2
Tl2Te thallium(I) telluride 12040-13-0
TmBr2 thulium(II) bromide 64171-97-7
TmBr3 thulium(III) bromide 14456-51-0
TmCl2 thulium(II) chloride 22852-11-5
TmCl2•7H2O thulium(II) chloride heptahydrate 13778-39-7
TmCl3 thulium(III) chloride 13537-18-3
TmF3 thulium(III) fluoride 13760-79-7
TmI2 thulium(II) iodide 60864-26-8
TmI3 thulium(III) iodide 13813-43-9
Tm(NbO3)2 thulium(II) niobate 97086-52-7
Tm2O3 thulium(III) oxide 12036-44-1
Tm2S3 thulium(III) sulfide 12166-30-2

Formula Synonyms CAS number
UBr3 uranium(III) bromide 13470-19-4
UBr4 uranium(IV) bromide 13470-20-7
UBr5 uranium(V) bromide 13775-16-1
UC uranium(IV) carbide 12070-09-6
UC2 uranium(VI) carbide 12071-33-9
UCl3 uranium(III) chloride 10025-93-1
UCl4 uranium(IV) chloride 10026-10-5
UCl5 uranium(V) chloride 13470-21-8
UCl6 uranium(VI) chloride 13763-23-0
UF3 uranium(III) fluoride 13775-06-9
UF4 uranium(IV) fluoride 10049-14-6
UF5 uranium(V) fluoride 13775-07-0
UF6 uranium(VI) fluoride 7783-81-5
UH3 uranium(III) hydride 13598-56-6
UI3 uranium(III) iodide 13775-18-3
UI4 uranium(IV) iodide 13470-22-9
UN uranium(III) nitride 25658-43-9
UO uranium(II) oxide 13598-56-6
UO2 uranium(IV) oxide 1344-57-6
UO2(NO3)2 uranyl nitrate 10102-06-4
UO3 uranium(VI) oxide 1344-58-7
US uranium(II) sulfide 12039-11-1
USe3 uranium(VI) selenide 12138-23-7
UTe2 uranium(IV) telluride 12138-37-3
UTe3 uranium(VI) telluride 12040-18-5
U2O5 uranium(V) oxide 12065-66-6
U2S3 uranium(II) sulfide 12138-13-5
U3N2 uranium(II) nitride 12033-85-1
U3O8 uranium(V,VI) oxide 1344-59-8
U4O9 uranium(IV,V) oxide 12037-15-9

Formula Synonyms CAS number
VBr2 vanadium(II) bromide 14890-41-6
VBr3 vanadium(III) bromide 13470-26-3
VBr4 vanadium(IV) bromide 13595-30-7
VC vanadium(IV) carbide 12070-10-9
VCl2 vanadium(II) chloride 10580-52-6
VCl3 vanadium(III) chloride 7718-98-1
VCl4 vanadium(IV) chloride 7632-51-1
VF2 vanadium(II) fluoride 13842-80-3
VF3 vanadium(III) fluoride 10049-12-4
VF4 vanadium(IV) fluoride 10049-16-8
VF5 vanadium(V) fluoride 7783-72-4
VH vanadium(I) hydride 13966-93-3
VI2 vanadium(II) iodide 15513-84-5
VI3 vanadium(III) iodide 15513-94-7
VI4 vanadium(IV) iodide 15831-18-2
VN vanadium(III) nitride 24646-85-3
VO vanadium(II) oxide 12035-98-2
VOCl3 vanadium(V) oxytrichloride 7727-18-6
VOF3 vanadium(V) oxytrifluoride 13709-31-4
VO2 vanadium(IV) oxide 12036-21-4
VOSO4 vanadyl sulfate 27774-13-6
VS2 vanadium(IV) sulfide 12166-28-8
VSe2 vanadium(IV) selenide 12299-51-3
VSi2 vanadium(IV) silicide 12039-87-1
VTe2 vanadium(IV) telluride 35515-91-4
V2O3 vanadium(III) oxide 1314-34-7
V2O5 vanadium(V) oxide 1314-62-1
V2(SO4)3 vanadium(III) sulfate 13701-70-7
V2S3 vanadium(III) sulfide 1315-03-3
V3Si vanadium(II) silicide 12039-76-8

Formula Synonyms CAS number
WBr2 tungsten(II) bromide 13470-10-5
WBr3 tungsten(III) bromide 15163-24-3
WBr4 tungsten(IV) bromide 14055-81-3
WBr5 tungsten(V) bromide 13470-11-6
WBr6 tungsten(VI) bromide 13701-86-5
WC tungsten(IV) carbide 12070-12-1
WCl2 tungsten(II) chloride 13470-12-7
WCl3 tungsten(III) chloride 20193-56-0
WCl4 tungsten(IV) chloride 13470-13-8
WCl5 tungsten(V) chloride 13470-14-9
WCl6 tungsten(VI) chloride 13283-01-7
WF4 tungsten(IV) fluoride 13766-47-7
WF5 tungsten(V) fluoride 19357-83-6
WF6 tungsten(VI) fluoride 7783-82-6
WI2 tungsten(II) iodide 13470-17-2
WI3 tungsten(III) iodide 15513-69-6
WI4 tungsten(IV) iodide 14055-84-6
WOBr3 tungsten(V) oxytribromide 20213-56-3
WOBr4 tungsten(VI) oxytetrabromide 13520-77-9
WOCl3 tungsten(V) oxytrichloride 14249-98-0
WOCl4 tungsten(VI) oxytetrachloride 13520-78-0
WOF4 tungsten(VI) oxytetrafluoride 13520-79-1
WO2 tungsten(IV) oxide 12036-22-5
WO2Br2 tungsten(VI) dioxydibromide 13520-75-7
WO2Cl2 tungsten(VI) dioxydichloride 13520-76-8
WO2I2 tungsten(VI) dioxydiiodide 14447-89-3
WO3 tungsten(VI) oxide 1314-35-8
WS2 tungsten(IV) sulfide 12138-09-9
WS3 tungsten(VI) sulfide 12125-19-8
WSe2 tungsten(IV) selenide 12067-46-8
WSi2 tungsten(IV) silicide 12039-88-2
WTe2 tungsten(IV) telluride 12067-76-4

Formula Synonyms CAS number
XeF xenon monofluoride 16757-14-5
XeF2 xenon difluoride 13709-36-9
XeF4 xenon tetrafluoride 13709-61-0
XeF6 xenon hexafluoride 13693-09-9
XeOF4 xenon oxytetrafluoride 13774-85-1
XeO2F2 xenon dioxydifluoride 13875-06-4
XeO3 xenon trioxide 13776-58-4
XeO4 xenon tetroxide 12340-14-6

Formula Synonyms CAS number
YAs yttrium(III) arsenide 12255-48-0
YB6 yttrium(III) boride 12008-32-1
YBr3 yttrium(III) bromide 13469-98-2
Y(CHO2)3 yttrium(III) formate 15331-71-2
YC2 yttrium(II) carbide 12071-35-1
Y(CF3SO3)3 yttrium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate 52093-30-8
YCl3 yttrium(III) chloride 10361-92-9
YF3 yttrium(III) fluoride 13709-49-4
YH2 yttrium(II) hydride 13598-35-1
YH3 yttrium(III) hydride 13598-57-7
YI3 yttrium(III) iodide 13470-38-7
YN yttrium(III) nitride 25764-13-0
YP yttrium(III) phosphide 12294-01-8
YSb yttrium(III) antimonide 12186-97-9
YVO4 yttrium(III) vanadate 13566-12-6
Y2O3 yttrium(III) oxide 1314-36-9
Y2S3 yttrium(III) sulfide 12039-19-9
YbBr2 ytterbium(II) bromide 25502-05-0
YbBr3 ytterbium(III) bromide 13759-89-2
YbCl2 ytterbium(II) chloride 13874-77-6
YbCl3 ytterbium(III) chloride 10361-91-8
YbCl3•6H2O ytterbium(III) chloride hexahydrate 19423-87-1
YbF2 ytterbium(II) fluoride 15192-18-4
YbF3 ytterbium(III) fluoride 13760-80-0
YbI2 ytterbium(II) iodide 19357-86-9
YbI3 ytterbium(III) iodide 13813-44-0
YbSe ytterbium(II) selenide 12039-54-2
YbSi5 ytterbium(V) silicide 12039-89-3
YbTe ytterbium(II) telluride 12125-58-5
Yb2O3 ytterbium(III) oxide 1314-37-0
Yb2S3 ytterbium(III) sulfide 12039-20-2
Yb2Se3 ytterbium(III) selenide 12166-52-8

Formula Synonyms CAS number
Zn(AsO2)2 zinc arsenite 10326-24-6
Zn(AsO3)2 zinc arsenate 12006-40-5
ZnBr2 zinc bromide 7699-45-8
Zn(CN)2 zinc cyanide 557-21-1
ZnCO3 zinc carbonate 3486-35-9
Zn(C2H3O2)2 zinc acetate 557-34-6
ZnC2O4 zinc oxalate 547-68-2
ZnC3H7O6P zinc glycerophosphate 1300-26-1
ZnC4H2O4 zinc fumarate 52723-61-2
ZnC4H4O4 zinc succinate 6228-53-1
ZnC6H10O4 zinc propionate 557-28-8
ZnC6H10O6 zinc lactate 16039-53-5
ZnC6H12N2S4 zinc dimethyldithiocarbonate 137-30-4
Zn(C8H15O2)2 zinc caprylate 557-09-5
ZnC10H20N2S4 zinc dimethyldithiocarbamate 14324-55-1
Zn(C18H35O2)2 zinc stearate 557-05-1
Zn(ClO3)2 zinc chlorate 10361-95-2
Zn(ClO4)2 zinc perchlorate 10025-64-6
ZnCl2 zinc chloride 7646-85-7
ZnCrO4 zinc chromate 13530-65-9
ZnCr2O4 zinc chromite 12018-19-8
ZnCr2O7 zinc dichromate 14018-95-2
ZnF2 zinc fluoride 7783-49-5
ZnH2 zinc hydride 14018-82-7
Zn(IO3)2 zinc iodate 7790-37-6
ZnI2 zinc iodide 10139-47-6
Zn(MnO4)2 zinc permanganate 23414-72-4
ZnMoO4 zinc molybdate 13767-32-3
Zn(NO2)2 zinc nitrite 10102-02-0
Zn(NO3)2 zinc nitrate 7779-88-6
ZnO zinc oxide 1314-13-2
Zn(OH)2 zinc hydroxide 20427-58-1
ZnO2 zinc peroxide 1314-22-3
ZnS zinc sulfide 1314-98-3
Zn(SCN)2 zinc thiocyanate 557-42-6
ZnSO4 zinc sulfate 7733-02-0
ZnSb zinc antimonide 12039-35-9
ZnSe zinc selenide 1315-09-9
ZnSnO3 zinc stannate 12036-37-2
ZnTe zinc telluride 1315-11-3
ZnTiO3 zinc titanate 12036-43-0
ZnWO4 zinc tungstate 13597-56-3
Zn2Fe(CN)6 zinc ferrocyanide 14883-46-6
Zn2P2O7 zinc pyrophosphate 7446-26-6
Zn2SiO4 zinc orthosilicate 13597-65-4
Zn3(AsO4)2 zinc arsenate 13464-44-3
Zn3(BO3)2 zinc borate 12880-01-2
Zn3N2 zinc nitride 1313-49-1
Zn3P2 zinc phosphide 1314-84-7
Zn3(PO4)2 zinc phosphate 7779-90-0
ZrBr3 zirconium(III) bromide 24621-18-9
ZrBr4 zirconium(IV) bromide 13777-25-8
ZrC zirconium(IV) carbide 12070-14-3
ZrCl2 zirconium(II) chloride 13762-26-0
ZrCl4 zirconium(IV) chloride 10026-11-6
ZrF4 zirconium(IV) fluoride 7783-64-4
ZrH2 zirconium(II) hydride 7704-99-6
ZrI2 zirconium(II) iodide 15513-85-6
ZrI3 zirconium(III) iodide 13779-87-8
ZrI4 zirconium(IV) iodide 13986-26-0
ZrN zirconium(III) nitride 25658-42-8
Zr(OH)4 zirconium(IV) hydroxide 14475-63-9
ZrO zirconium(II) oxide 12036-01-0
ZrO2 zirconium(IV) oxide 1314-23-4
Zr(HPO4) zirconium(IV) phosphate 13765-95-2
ZrP2 zirconium(IV) phosphide 12037-80-8
Zr(SO4)2 zirconium(IV) sulfate 14644-61-2
ZrS2 zirconium(IV) sulfide 12039-15-5
ZrSe2 zirconium(IV) selenide 12166-47-1
ZrSi2 zirconium(IV) silicide 12039-90-6
ZrSiO4 zirconium(IV) silicate 10101-52-7
ZrTe2 zirconium(IV) telluride 32321-65-6
Zr(WO4)2 zirconium(IV) tungstate 16853-74-0