November 29, 2018


Austin, TX – Lab Alley’s ( recently added a full line of Food GradePure Absolute Ethanol (Pure Ethyl Alcohol) to its Ethanol solvent category to support growth with current customers and create new opportunities. Lab Alley now carries a full line of Food Grade Undenatured Pure Ethanol in proofs such as 200 proof, 190 proof, 140 proof and packaging sizes ranging from big volumes such as 55 gallon drums to smaller experimental volumes like 1 pint. All of the Food Grade Pure Ethanol solvents are stocked in Austin, Texas and ship same day or next day.

“We were getting a lot of requests from our current customer base and potential new customers for Food Grade Pure Ethanol,” says Fred Elabed, Partner of Lab Alley LLC.

While salesfor Denatured Ethanol have been steadily growing Lab Alley has recognized the significant need for Undenatured Food Grade Pure Ethanol (Pure Ethyl Alcohol) in the current business marketplace. After engaging with current and new customers, Lab Alley’s research determined that Food Grade Pure Ethanol has a growing niche in many different applications of use within the Biotech, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Academia/Education, Pharmaceutical, Environmental Laboratories, R&D,Platings and Coatings, Pulp and Paper, Industrial, and Government sector. “It is really important that we support our customers and the marketplace growth with a full line of Undenatured Food Grade Pure Ethanol,” adds Fred Elabed.

Lab Alley offers both Undenatured Ethanol (Food Grade Pure Ethanol) and Denatured Ethanol for a variety of research, industrial, and educational uses. Lab Alley offers the following proofs and grades of Undenatured (Pure/Absolute) and Denatured Ethanol (Denatured Ethyl Alcohol). Each of these Ethanol selections has a wide array of sizes to choose from, catering to each customer based on usage needs:

Undenatured Pure Ethanol

Food Grade Pure Ethanol 200 Proof

Food Grade Pure Ethanol 190 Proof

Food Grade Pure Ethanol 140 Proof

Denatured Pure Ethanol

High Purity Extraction Grade Ethanol 2

Ethanol, 200 Proof, Anhydrous, SDA-3A, Denatured, ACS Reagent GradeEthanol, 190 Proof (95%), SDA 3A, Denatured Reagent, ACSEthanol, 190 Proof (95%), SDA-3A, Denatured, Histological

Ethanol, 140 Proof (70%), Denatured Reagent Alcohol

Ethanol, 140 Proof (70%), SDA 3A, Denatured Reagent, ACS

Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) Anhydrous Denatured

Find out more about Lab Alley’s wide variety of Ethanol solvent selections. Find about more about Lab Alley’s selection of Undenatured Food Grade Pure Absolute Ethanol (Pure Ethyl Alcohol). Find more about Lab Alley’s selection of Denatured Ethanol (Denatured Ethyl Alcohol).  To browse our full line of extraction grade ethanol, click hereFood grade ethanol is for sale here.

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