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Pure ethanol is "Non-Denatured". It is also called "undenatured", "Everclear", "Pure Grain Alcohol", "100% Alcohol", "100% Ethanol", "200 Proof", "Absolute Ethanol", "Food Grade Ethanol", "Extraction Grade Ethanol", and "Drinking Alcohol". No chemicals or poisons are added to pure ethanol. Most "pure ethanol" sold is 200 proof. However, Lab Alley also sells "pure 190 proof ethanol". In the case of pure 190 proof ethanol, water rather than poisons are added, so 190 proof ethanol can also be classified as "pure ethanol", "pure ethyl alcohol" or "pure alcohol". Denatured ethanol is not considered to be pure because it contains harmful additives. You can buy 1 pint, 1 gallon, 5 gallons and 55 gallons of pure ethanol here. You don't have to look for a supplier of ethanol near you. You can buy it online here. 

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Chemical Disinfection Of Virus‐Contaminated Surfaces

Chemical disinfection is widely practiced as a means of controlling and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Although disinfection of bacteria has been widely studied, much less attention has been paid to the virucidal potential of commonly used disinfectants in spite of the low infective dose of many human pathogenic viruses. This review considers what is known about the disinfection of viruses and the virucidal properties of different classes of disinfectant chemicals. It focuses on virus disinfection from a practical viewpoint and also critically evaluates the testing techniques currently used for examining the efficacy of disinfectant products. Read more here.

Factors In The Selection Of Surface Disinfectants For Use In A Laboratory Animal Setting

Because surface disinfectants are an important means of pathogen control within laboratory animal facilities, these products must have an appropriate spectrum of antimicrobial activity. However, many other factors must also be considered, including effects on human health, environmental safety, and animal behavior. Aqueous solutions of sodium hypochlorite often are considered to be the ‘gold standard’ for surface disinfection, but these products can be corrosive, caustic, and aversive in odor. Read more here.


Are Alcohol (Ethanol), Isopropyl Alcohol And Hydrogen Peroxide Classified As EPA Registered Disinfectants?

EPA registered products such as cleaners and disinfectants often contain isopropyl alcoholhydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol (alcohol/ethanol). An EPA-registered disinfectant is a disinfectant that has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA does not consider "alcohol" to be a product on its own. EPA registrations are product specific and are related to claims that the product kills organisms. Because "alcohol" is not considered to be a specific product manufactured by a specific company, alcohol, in and of itself, is not an EPA registered disinfectant, although it is an ingredient in EPA registered disinfectant products. Solutions made with 60%-70% ethyl alcohol have in vitro efficacy against viruses, Ebola virus and murine norovirus.

EPA registered disinfectant formulas that contain isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol are often combined with phenolic compounds and quaternary ammonium to make EPA registered disinfectants for cleaning environmental surfaces in healthcare facilities. The same case holds true for hydrogen peroxide. Many products made with hydrogen peroxide are EPA-registered and can be used to sanitize or disinfect, however hydrogen peroxide, because its very nature can not be registered as a disinfectant with the EPA.

Pure ethanol is a grade or classification of ethanol that is suitable for all food, beverage, medicinal and nutritional supplement applications in which the product, or derivatives of the product, come into contact with humans. It is commonly used to extract components, flavor molecules, flavonoids, and essential oils from plants. It is used as a solvent in labs. The pure ethanol sold by Lab Alley is not used for fuel.  In 2015, the USA became the world's largest producer of ethanol fuel.  You should not drink pure ethanol, unless it is substantially diluted, because you will experience harmful effects. Lab Alley primarily sells pure ethanol to industrial and manufacturing firms, food processing companies, plant and botanical extraction facilities, labs, universities and individual consumers.

Lab Alley ships and transports pure ethanol to customers in all 50 states quickly and efficiently.  An "Industrial Use Permit" from the TTB is NOT REQUIRED to purchase pure ethanol from Lab Alley online in the USA. To request the MSDS from Lab Alley for different types of pure ethanol, click here.

Customers located in the U.S. can buy pure 200 proof/100% ethanol and pure 190 proof/95% ethanol in bulk as well. Lab Alley is a wholesale supplier and distributor of pure ethanol. Buy a 55 gallon drum

Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) Formula, Uses, Solubility, Miscibility, Hazards, Density, Structure, Chemical Properties, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Hazards And CAS Registry Number
The difference between ethanol and alcohol is not complex. Ethyl alcohol(ethanol), is the type of alcohol that you can drink if it is not denatured with toxic denaturants. Ethanol is called grain alcohol because it is produced by grain fermentation. 
Ethanol Properties

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