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Acacia, FCC Grade

Acacia, FCC Grade
Brand: Lab Alley

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SKU: C0990-100g
Acacia, FCC, 100g
SKU: C0990-500g
Acacia, FCC, 500g
SKU: C0990-2.5kg
Acacia, FCC, 2.5kg
SKU: C0990-12kg
Acacia, FCC, 12kg

Brand: Lab Alley

CAS Number: 9000-01-5
Acacia, FCC Specifications:
Typical Analysis
Arsenic (as As): 3mg/kg
Acid-InsoluableAsh: 0.5%
Total Ash: 4.0%
Heavy metal: 0.002%
Insoluble Matter: 1.0%
Lead: 5mg/kg
Loss on Drying: 15.0%
Starch or Dextrin: To Pass Test
Tannin Bearing Gums: To Pass Test
Functional Use: Food, Stablizer, Thickener, Emulsifier

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