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Acetic Acid Glacial, Laboratory Grade, 30ml
Acetic Acid Glacial, Laboratory Grade, 500ml
Acetic Acid Glacial, Laboratory Grade, 4L
Acetic Acid Glacial, Laboratory Grade, 5gal
Acetic Acid Glacial, Laboratory Grade, 55gal

Acetic Acid Glacial, Lab Grade, 99%

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Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C1040


4 Liters
5 Gallons
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SKU: C1040-30ml
Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab, 30ml
SKU: C1040-500ml
Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab, 500ml
SKU: C1040-4L
Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab, 4L
SKU: C1040-5gal
Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab, 5gal
SKU: C1040-15gal
Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab, 15gal
SKU: C1040-55gal
Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab, 55gal

Product Summary

Buy Acetic Acid Glacial | Lab Grade For Sale Online |  99% Purity | Anhydrous Acetic Acid ≤ 1% Water | CAS # 64-19-7 | Formula C2H4O2

Glacial Acetic Acid, also know as "Acetic Acid, Glacial" appears as a clear colorless liquid with a strong odor of vinegar. Flash point 104°F. Density 8.8 lb / gal. Corrosive to metals and tissue. Used to make other chemicals, as a food additive, and in petroleum production.

Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab Features:

CAS Number 64-19-7
Molecular Formula C2H4O2
Formula Weight 60.05
Assay 99.0%

Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab Shipping Information:
DOT: Acetic acid, glacial, 8, UN2789, PG II, Hazmat Fee Required

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