Dimethyl Sulfoxide 99.5% ACS Grade

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DMSO, Methyl sulfoxide, Methylsulfinylmethane, Dimethylsulfoxide, Dimethyl sulphoxide, Demsodrox, Demasorb, Sulfinylbismethane, Dimethyl sulfur oxide
ACS Grade
Dimethyl sulfoxide

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is also known as an organosulfur compound and has the formula (CH3)2SO. It is a polar aprotic solvent that dissolves polar and nonpolar molecules and is miscible with a variety of organic solvents along with water. Dimethyl Sulfoxide is frequently utilized as a chemical solvent and free radical absorber. It has pharmacological properties such as analgesia and anti-inflammation. It is widely employed as a carrier for the topical supply of medication because of its ability to permeate biological membranes. The American Chemical Society (ACS) has approved our premium quality Dimethyl Sulfoxide, ACS Grade, 99.5% as ACS grade reagent. Due to its high purity, it may also be utilized in food and medicine. Lab Alley highly recommends to use its premium quality Dimethyl Sulfoxide, ACS Grade, 99.5% in high quality research labs and commercial applications.


Dimethyl Sulfoxide, ACS Grade, 99.5% Features:

Assay Min 99.5%
Appearance Clear
Residue after Evaporation 0.01%
Titrable Acid 0.001 meq/g
Water ≤0.05%
Common Uses
  • Reagent
  • Solvent
Commercial/Industrial Applications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary medicines
Safety and Handling
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