Formic Acid 99% LC/MS Grade *

Highly Purified For Use In LC/MS And HPLC Applications


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About Formic Acid 99% LC/MS Grade

Formic Acid is the simplest carboxylic acid, containing only one carbon. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent aroma. It is about 10 times stronger than Acetic Acid. The high acidity level and reducing nature of this compound, makes it different from other carboxylic acids. 

LC/MS is a versatile technique that combines the physical separation property of Liquid Chromatography with the mass analysis property of Mass Spectroscopy. LC-MS Grade Formic Acid is high-purity solvent for preparing elution solvents for HPLC separations of protein and peptides. LC/MS Grade Formic Acid is well suited as a chromatography additive for use in LCMS and HPLC applications.

Common Uses and Applications

  • Solvent
  • Intermediate
  • Buffer


Chemistry Table

Methanoic Acid, Formylic Acid, Aminic Acid, Bilorin, Biliorin, Hydrogen Carboxylic Acid, Formisoton, Myrmicyl
LC/MS Grade
Formic acid

Safety and Shipping Information

DOT: Formic acid, 8, UN1779, PG II, Hazmat Fee Required

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Formic Acid, LC/MS Grade

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