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    Paraformaldehyde (PFA) is the smallest polyoxymethylene, the polymerization product of formaldehyde with a typical degree of polymerization of 8–100 units.

    Chemistry Table

    Formula Weight (30.03)n
    Synonyms Polyoxymethylene
    Grade Reagent


    Melting point ‎120 °C (248 °F; 393 K)
    Solubility in water‎ ‎low
    Formaldehyde Content Min. 90%
    Acidity (as HCOOH) 0.03%
    Ash 0.01%
    Iron (Fe) 0.0002%
    Water 9.0%

    Paraformaldehyde Flake lab Shipping Information:
    DOT: Paraformaldehyde, 4.1, UN2213, PG III

    Paraformaldehyde is the condensation product of methylene glycol, a substance not so far isolated in its pure form; it is a white solid with a formaldehyde content between 78 and 98% and is supplied either as a Prill or Granular. All forms contain more than 95.5% paraformaldehyde content.

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    • Do you sale Formaldehyde 100% (pure) ?

      We do not carry 100% Formaldehyde. 
      The product paraformaldehyde is >90% pure with <10% Water. 
      Thank you.