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Potash, Sulfurated (Liver of Sulfur)

Potash, Sulfurated (Liver of Sulfur)

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C6195
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C6195-100g Lab Alley $19.73
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Potash, Sulfurated (Liver of Sulfur) Features:

CAS Number 39365-88-3
Molecular Formula K2Sx
Assay(S) Approx. 12%
Physical Form Chunks
Chemical Name or Material Potash, Mixture composed of potassium polysulfides and potassium thiosulfate
Synonym potash, sulfurated,sulfurated potash,potash, sulfurated usp,liver of sulfur,2k.k2s.so32,potash sulfurated liver of sulfur,dipotassium hypo potassium sulfide,potash, sulfurated, s as sulfide,dipotassium thiosulfate mixture with potassium sulfide,dipotassium thiosulfate mixture with potassium sulfide k2sx