Universal and Low-Profile Repipet Dispensers

  • Lift plunger to fill, depress to deliver
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Reproducibility: 0.1%
Universal Diluters
  • Fit common screw-cap reagent bottles with openings greater than 3/4 in. I.D. (19mm)
  • Ideal for blood chemistries and biological and microbiological analyses
  • Come with three sets of caps and washers to fit 28-430, 33-430, and 38-430 bottle threads (other sizes available on request) Features magnifying indicator, integral air filter, and 24 in. (61cm) of PTFE resin tubing (metal indicator for diluters available on special order) Without bottle
Low-Profile Diluters
  • Wide-mouth, 1000mL reservoir containers have Halar* fluorocarbon resin caps with two openings: one for dispenser; other to allow refilling (no need to remove dispenser)
  • Bottle designed for solid support, less chance of breakage Low profile allows easy fit into shelf space and refrigerators Amberized glass PTFE resin outlet tip With air intake tubulation

Universal and Low-Profile Repipet Dispensers

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