Ethylene Glycol, ACS Grade

Ethylene Glycol, ACS Grade

Brand: Lab Alley
SKU: C3740
Model # Description BrandPriceQuantity
C3740-500ml Ethylene Glycol Reagent, 500ml Lab Alley $27.83
C3740-4L Ethylene Glycol Reagent, 4L Lab Alley $110.50
C3740-20L Ethylene Glycol Reagent, 20L Lab Alley $347.02


Ethylene Glycol, ACS Grade Features:

CAS Number 107-21-1
Molecular Formula C2H6O2
Formula Weight 62.07
Assay (HOCH2CH2OH) Min. 99.0%
Specific Gravity @ 20�/20�C 1.1151-1.1156
Color (Pt-Co) 10
Residue after Ignition 0.005%
Acidity 0.005%
Chloride 0.5 ppm
Iron 0.1 ppm
Water 0.10%


Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Ethylene Glycol, ACS Grade Reagent.

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